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What should girls avoid when they fall in love?

we need to have wisdom in our life so that we can avoid many crises. Love needs the wisdom of life, especially for a girl. If she doesn't pay attention to her own behaviors when she is in love, it will cause the final tragedy. So today I'll tell you more about it.

First, don't just start love, there is no bottom line. Many girls meet their own men who are attracted to each other. When they first fall in love, they give up all of them and even live together. Such behavior, will be despised by men, breaking up can be said to be a matter of time, we must pay attention to it.

Second, girls like a person, do not hurry to see each other's family. Because you need to understand the man and his family. After all the answers are available, you can meet the parents of the man again. Avoid meeting the parents just after you know them. It's easy to be despised by the parents of the other party.

Third, college love needs more caution, because if you and your boyfriend are not from the same area, the success rate will be very low, or even there is no hope of success at all, so you must have a basis to find a partner, at least the best for you, you should remember this.

Fourth, learn to be a smart girl, don't talk too much about your privacy in front of men. Because some of your privacy doesn't make men think you're real, it will make them have other opinions about you, so your feelings will crack.

Fifthly, don't stop the relationship with other friends just because you have a boyfriend, which is very dangerous for you. Because if you do this, on the surface, you are loyal to your boyfriend. In fact, you will be looked down upon by your boyfriend, and you will feel that you have no idea and are easy to manipulate, so you will become more and more passive.

Sixthly, don't lower your price. Some girls are hot headed and make so-called naked marriage, or give up some interests for boys. If you do this, you will reduce your value. At the same time, your family will be looked down upon by the other party. In the end, your love will be very sad.

Seventh, don't be a girl who likes to express yourself. Don't leave nothing in front of a man. You will be worthless. Men will gradually realize that you are not mature, and will gradually pay more and more attention to you, so that your love, simply can not go smoothly!