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What are the correct ways to use the facial mask of red wine?

Sivan: red wine sleeping mask is a very popular skin care product at night. It doesn't wash at night. It can moisturize and shrink the pores on your face. So can the red wine sleeping mask be used everyday?

Can Sansi red wine sleeping mask be used everyday?

Due to the tightness of sleeping mask, it helps skin to lock the nutrients before it, so it is not recommended to use it alone. It is best to adhere to the usual basic nursing steps before using it.

Sleeping mask and mask are the same. They are all cyclical care, so they are not suitable for everyday use. If you insist on daily use, it is easy to cause excess nutrition and increase the burden of the skin.

Matters for attention of red wine Sleeping Mask

There are two cases that are not suitable for sleeping mask.

First, if you use enough night cream, you don't need to add sleep mask to strengthen the nourishing and replenishing function.

As like as two peas: if you use the gel like night cream, then you don't need a sleeping mask to put it in because the texture of the sleeping mask is almost the same as that of the gel. If the two products overlap, the effect will definitely decrease.

The exception of late frost is: if you wear a night cream, but feel the skin is still dry, you can use the superimposed sleeping mask.

Proper use of the facial mask of red wine

Sleep mask, in addition to its own moisturizing, repair ingredients, more equivalent to the "fresh-keeping film" role, coupled with sleeping in the repair force, wake up to see the tender skin.

1. 2-3 times a week

Like sleeping mask, sleeping mask is a skin care product that can provide skin with high efficiency. Generally it can be maintained 2-3 times a week. Insisting on weekly use can effectively improve skin quality.

2. Best skin time

Skin is the new supersedes the old. It is active at 10 and 2 in the morning. At this time, it is necessary to apply the mask evenly to the face, and you can easily have the hydrating and beautiful muscle in second days.

3. When in use

The use of sleeping mask does not exceed 8 hours, so as not to be counterproductive.

Regular practice: cleansing makeup - cleansing - water - emulsion

Step1: first of all, clean up, otherwise sleep mask will clog pores.

Step2: After cleansing, use some lotion and essence.

Step 3: dot your face with five points and circle it gently.

Step 4: spread evenly from the middle of chin to both sides, then open the palm, cover the forehead and lower forehead, stay for about 5 seconds, reduce skin pressure.

Step 5: massage the abdomen of middle finger and ring finger from the lower part of the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye, and then gently press the part of the outer corner of the eye for about 5 seconds.

Step 6: cover the whole face with the palms of both hands, gently massage from the middle of the face to both sides, and lift the gesture for about 5 seconds.

Step 7: press the palm down from the cheek to the back of the ear, slide it slowly to the clavicle, and press it for about 5 seconds, which can effectively promote the lymphatic blood circulation and discharge the body toxins.

Note: it is not just after finishing the sleeping mask, it will immediately go to sleep. After half an hour, let the mask dry and go to sleep.