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How to live our life well?

Every one of us must have a unique life, and this feature is changing from time to time according to our own state. Maybe when we feel helpless in life, we especially want to get help from others. The fact is that the people who can really live a good life are the ones who can solve problems independently. The precious wealth we have experienced makes us more excellent in the actual process How can we live a good life?

Harvest what you want from each day, and at the beginning of each day, with different weather conditions, may bring us different feelings, but in any case, we should put our mind at ease, harvest the wet days in the rain, and also feel the sunshine for the sunny days, and finally harvest what you want in life and work, so we will gradually become more excellent over time.

To clarify the relationship between emotion and truth, emotion and truth can't coexist, sometimes there will be reasons that can't be explained by emotion, and there is no reason for some emotions, so when dealing with problems, we should focus on them, and don't let them disturb our daily life and work.

There is no need to maintain a relationship deliberately. To establish a relationship with others is bound to have the same values. If we find that when we are getting further away from others, perhaps when it is time to separate, any kind of forcible established relationship is bound to be unstable, and the parties will feel uncomfortable. It is better to give up early to find a more suitable one.

Finding the right person and job is far more important than pursuing. It's like finding a partner. It's better to find a person who loves you than finding a person you love. Because when two people meet, they have already made an impression. It's the same when they face a job. I'm afraid that those who don't like it will be forced to cultivate, and they won't really make themselves satisfied.

We will gain a lot in the process of pursuing our goals. We will determine the goals as soon as possible in the process of continuous selection, and quickly achieve them through actions. We will eventually gain what we think, because we have really worked hard for them, and will not leave any regrets.