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How to deal with the daily life together after catching up with girls

it's not easy to fall in love, in fact, it's not easy to get along with each other. It's said that falling in love is easy to get along with each other, but it's not unreasonable, so how can we grasp our own love?

First of all, as a responsible person, men should take the initiative to do something to give girls a sense of security and responsibility. They should work hard to make girls feel your attitude and love;

Secondly, don't want to control your own needs and maintain the framework like chasing girls. After establishing a relationship, don't use the same set of chasing girls, which will backfire;

Then, when two people are together, don't be a good old man like when they are chasing, but be clean, cheerful, don't hesitate, and love her with your heart;

Then, in the process of daily life, don't often treat girls in the way of pressure, and don't often turn cold and hot, which is easy to make girls afraid;

Third, we need to know that at different stages, the way of getting along and thinking are different. When we are together, we need to have a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of getting along with each other, a stable feeling of relying on each other, an attitude and responsibility of heart;

Finally, after getting along with each other, we should learn to tolerate each other's shortcomings or shortcomings, give each other enough face, and never say anything that is not suitable for speaking in public;