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What's the meaning of eating soil? Where did eating soil come from

What's the meaning of eating soil? Where did eating soil come from Recently, the word "eat earth" is very popular. It means that the poor can't eat rice, but can only eat earth. In fact, eating earth is used very early. It's just a new meaning given in the Internet era, which has become a network term often used by online shopping and chopping parties. Do you know where the earth comes from?

What is the meaning of eating earth? What is the stem of eating earth? Where does it come from

With the crazy shopping "eat earth" popular on the Internet in this "double 11", this new online hot word refers to the life shortage caused by consumption exceeding the budget, there is no surplus financial resources to buy food, only to eat free "soil", which appears frequently in the online sun list after this shopping, making self mockery for netizens.

Source of soil intake:

It's said that & lsquo; earth eating & rsquo; came from the beginning.

Later, I met with the double 11, which was carried forward at once, because & lsquo; eat Soil & rsquo; is really a friend who can summarize that he didn't cut his hand in time.

The shopping cart of Qing Dynasty is a hot spot. It's a crematorium for three meals a day. A lot of children in shopping paradise live on their own as "earth eating teenagers". If they are poor in shopping, they can only eat earth.