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China E-sports OMG won the championship. Which competition did China team OMG win the Jedi survival

On July 30, Beijing time, the first global Invitational Competition of Jedi survival in 2018 entered the final of FPP (first person mode). OMG of China team broke the record of Gen. ggold team three days ago by 3425 points to win the title, and set a new milestone in China's FPS E-sports.

The 2018 PGI Jedi survival global invitational tournament is the first official event held by pubg Corp. 20 top teams from the world gathered in Berlin with a bonus pool of US $2 million;

China's OMG team won the championship with 3425 total points by virtue of the supernatural performance of three chickens in four games on the first day, and omg_lionkk won the title of killing king with 34 kills;

Another Chinese team 4am finally won the 14th place of FPP, and godv's performance was not satisfactory.

The 2018 PGI Jedi survival global Invitational Competition is the first official competition held by pubg Corp. Twenty of the world's top teams gathered in Berlin to participate in the first world cup of Jedi survival, competing for a total bonus of $2 million (13.5 million yuan) and the world's highest honor for Jedi survival!

PGI 4-day competition is divided into two modes: FPP (first person) and TPP (third person). Each mode has two days of competition, four games a day. The team points of the final competition will be calculated based on the team ranking and elimination quantity, and the champion of the two modes will be obtained by the first team with corresponding total points. 4am and omg team represented China's competition area, and finally OMG team won the first person model competition system champion.