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How many queens are there in Qianlong's life? Who is Qianlong's favorite queen since the launch of Yanxi strategy, it has been a hot topic. Every episode has aroused a great discussion among the whole people. What Qianlong loves most is whether to richly inspect the queen and make the concubine invincible. Online discussion keeps on. The magic of the play is not small. Today, I'd like to share with you how many queens there are in Qianlong's life.

Several queens in Qianlong's life

In the history of Qianlong, the most favorite was the Fucha family. The second queen was the lady, the famous Ruyi, who was also the queen who cut off her hair and made Qianlong hate her.

The third empress is Wei Jiashi, the birth mother of Jiaqing, your Wei Yingluo.. I don't know what has happened in history. You are in a hurry to be dissatisfied.

Is Qianlong's favorite empress Fucha

Empress Fucha is Qianlong's favorite. So many TV plays only tell the story of the emperor's love for empress in Yanxi strategy. Here's a summary:

The empress in Huanzhugege is the princess Xian in Yanxi strategy, the uranala Green cherry in the legend of Zhen Huan and the uranala Ruyi in the legend of Ruyi. All of them are the nieces of Chunyuan and Yixiu in the legend of Zhen Huan. In the legend of Zhen Huan, Zhen Huan also mentioned that four elder brothers like the daughter of Fucha family, that is, the role of Qin LAN in Yanxi strategy, the empress of Fucha. Right?

Qin LAN plays the empress of Fucha, the famous empress of filial piety and virtue in history. She is adept at etiquette, gentle as water, but stubborn in heart, and kind-hearted.

Fucha's natural beauty is hard for ordinary people, but she won the respect of Emperor Qianlong mainly because she is not only a tender wife who is considerate to her husband, but also a confidant with the same aesthetic taste as the emperor. Their love is romantic and sad.

Unfortunately, there was no perfect life. Three of the four children died, and their two sons died one after another, which caused great psychological trauma. Finally, they died on their way back to Jinan with the emperor. From then on, Emperor Qianlong was depressed and had no true love in his life.

After the death of Fucha, the state of Qianlong also changed, from mild temperament to irritability, which scared the ministers. Qianlong even wrote more than 100 poems to mourn the empress of Fucha.