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How can a woman make her life better?

women want to make their lives more orderly and better, because there are always many things in life that make us unhappy. At this time, we must control your mood and don't get angry easily, so how can women make their lives better?

Not vain. Women often love face, vanity is also very strong, always want to be envied by others, once vanity frustrated, for some women it is a big blow! Women who are too vain tend to have a low happiness index.

No money. Money worship has always been full of our life, but we want to make our life better, not cold blind money worship, gentlemen love money, take the right way, women want to get money through their own efforts, don't expect to take shortcuts, let alone want to get something for nothing.

Don't look at my husband's cell phone. If you are a married woman, it is recommended that you do not turn over your husband's mobile phone. If you turn over your husband's mobile phone, it means that you have begun to distrust him, or even doubt him, which will make him dislike you.

Don't try to control men. If a man's heart is not on you, even if you can control it, it can only make a man more disgusted with you and try to escape your control. Some women always complain that their husband doesn't listen to them. In fact, they may not be attractive enough.

Don't be capricious. Willfulness may cause many things to be very bad. Don't say willful words and don't do willful things. Decisions made under impulsive willfulness are often regretted. Willfulness often brings you irrational behavior.

Work hard and improve yourself. Women only through their own efforts to make life better, will have a real sense of happiness, in their jobs to work steadfastly, and strive to improve their ability to work.