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When will "ant Man 2" be released? Highlights of "ant Man 2" "ant man" is a superhero movie produced by Marvel film industry. After the broadcast of "ant man" in 2015, it has been well received by the audience. Recently, good news came out that "ant Man 2" is about to be released, released by China film, produced by Disney film industry, and the new superhero masterpiece "ant man and the hornet" produced by Marvel film industry Wasp) officially announced that it will be released nationwide on August 24, and the Chinese poster will be released at the same time.

In 2015's "ant man", ant man came out with his easy and funny style. In Captain America 3, the ant man, as a secret trump, fights with the captain of the United States side by side. His giant form brings many troubles to the iron man camp. The upcoming "ant Man 2: the wasp woman appears" not only has the plot to undertake these two films, but also the egg color of this film is directly related to "Avenger alliance 3".

In the first official Chinese poster, the giant ant man and the Wasp Woman, a big one and a small one, joined forces to fight against the villains in the downtown streets. After the baptism of fighting with the avenger alliance, Scott Lang was involved in many troubles because of his ant identity. On the other hand, the emergence of the mysterious villain "ghost" disrupted the rescue plans of hope and Dr. PIM. Fortunately, this time, the ant man is no longer fighting alone -- hope in the wasp women's battle clothes becomes the best partner of the ant man. With high-tech equipment, calm head and quick hand, she even outshines ant man.

In the new film, the ant man who can be both bigger and smaller, and the wasp women who are agile and well-equipped, form a team to attack and create new sparks. Ant man's amazing ability in "Captain America 3" has now been mastered -- he drags out of control trucks in the street, fights with wasp women against the spectre of the villains, even dives in the bay area, and makes the passengers on the ferry look shocked when he reaches out.

Despite the small size of the Wasp Woman in the battle, she not only shows her Kung Fu in the film, but also teaches her opponent with high-tech equipment such as wings and laser gun, which is no less than ant man. In a kitchen war, she fought many big men alone. She not only walked on the flying blade, but also beat her opponent with the huge salt pot. The excellent brains inherited from her father also played a role in the battle. She did not panic in the face of the pursuit of the villains, and used the free zoom function of the truck to overturn the opponent's vehicles.

This film is made by the original team of "the ant man". Paul Rudd plays the ant man again. Evangeline Lily will not only return to the role of hope van den, but also put on the wasp women's war clothes for the first time. In addition, Michael Douglas, the two time Oscar winner who played hank PIM in his previous work, will be back.

Not only that, but there are more stars in "ant Man 2: the hornet show" -- the first generation of hornet Janet van den, who caught a glimpse in the previous work, will be played by Oscar nominee and Hollywood star Michelle Pfeiffer. "We need a talented and powerful actress to support this role through her talents and abilities throughout the film," said producer brusade. It's great to see Michel enter the marvelous universe of manway movies in such a grand way. 'another new character in the film, Dr. bill foster, will be played by veteran actor Laurence Fishburne.

Recently, "ant Man 2: the wasp girl appears" has been released all over the world, and its repercussions are warm. It won the second place in the box office of the first weekend of the year in South Korea, second only to "Avengers League 3". The film not only won the box office, but also received high praise from the media: variety rated the film as a smooth and bright production comedy; Hollywood Reporter called it the most interesting Marvel film in ten years, which pushed the film's expectation to the climax.

Ant Man 2: the Hornet is still directed by Peyton reed and produced by Kevin Feige, chairman of Marvel film industry. It will be released nationwide on August 24 in 3D / IMAX 3D / Chinese giant screen / Dolby cinema.