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What do you think of Wu Yifan's blackness and why dis

Recently, Wu Yifan has been very black. In addition to tiger attack, there are many hip-hop people who have jumped out to write the song dis Wu Yifan. Why is Wu Yifan black? Why are so many people dis Wu Yifan?

Let's have a look.

Why is Wu Yifan black

One of the reasons why Wu Yifan was dismissed by DIS is that he eliminated many powerful players, but his strength was not enough, and he used SKR as an adjective to force people in the rap circle to look down on it, but there is no doubt that Wu Yifan's professional level is still on the line.

"Hip hop in China" helped Wu Yifan reach a new peak of his career, and also helped him set up a person who loves rap. However, as a popular little fresh meat, Wu Yifan has to face not only flowers, but also a lot of bricks. Recently, Wu Yifan has fallen into a network violence. First, a magazine writer came out to dress up the diss Wu Yifan, and then blew an easy closing seal (the four character brother who loves lying in the gun). It didn't make much trouble. Wu Yifan's studio aired a picture in response. When fans continued to work on the Amway idol, some people found that there were black idols in Tiger flutter.

Hu Pu has many netizens, dis Wu Yifan, in his performance in the new rap in China. When fans see that idols are black, their normal action is to fight against black. Therefore, a support Committee has collected 'black post' reports, which are hung by Hu Pu's Micro blog on the pedestrian street, followed by a network of mutual tears. Why does tiger pounce scold Wu Yifan? As far as the editor knows, it's just because of an English word SKR. After the broadcast of China new rap, the word SKR has been completely popular. But what exactly is SKR, is Wu Yifan's usage right? Let's see the definition of this word. The so-called SKR was originally used to describe the sound when the car skidded. Skrskrskr is a word to describe the sound. In many people's eyes, the sports car skidded very well. This word was later used in rap, and became a modal particle.

How does Wu Yifan use it? Many people use the word as a verb because of Wu Yifan's popular science in the program. You are SKR, and it sounds cool. In fact, it's not right to use it like this. Because of this word, many Hupu netizens think that Wu Yifan will talk big in the program if he has no strength. Do you think that Hupu netizens and Wu Yifan fans have torn each other apart? No, The real climax begins!

Singer Liu Fuyang, whose real name is dis Wu Yifan, tells the truth that the lyrics are too much, and that Wu Yifan is not as good as Wang Jiaer. How can the fans bear to trample on Wu Yifan. Not long ago, Wu Yifan and Wang Jiaer's fans complained about the music. This song really hit Melanie's heart. This is the current development of this matter. So, after sorting out the causes and consequences, do you think Wu Yifan has done anything wrong in this matter? He is not wrong.

Many netizens, dis Wu Yifan, mainly think that you are not strong enough. Why do you become a tutor of "China new rap" to comment on rappers that are 100 times stronger than you? Wu Yifan's music may not be as good as those singers, but Wu Yifan's meaning to the program is not only music. Before the broadcast of "hip hop in China", how many underground rappers were living in debt? It was the show that attracted a large number of singers. It also turned hip-hop from underground music to relatively mainstream music. In this process, Wu Yifan made the greatest contribution. Attention, I'm talking about the greatest contribution. Many people doubt that he can't be a tutor. Iqiyi tells you that he not only needs to be a music planner, but also a program. To some extent, his position in this program is far higher than that of hot dog pan Weibo.

Why so many people dis Wu Yifan

This morning, AR Liu Fuyang released a new song "emperor's new clothes", dis Wu Yifan, and then a producer who was supervised by Wu Yifan, Zhao Qin, forwarded the song, also dis Wu Yifan, saying, "his ability, I know, doesn't matter. But to say that he loves hiphop, he doesn't respect this culture at all. Those musicians who open their eyes to talk nonsense for their interests, rapper, are the emperor The emperor kneels and licks his subjects.

Do you remember the "free style" that was popular last year because of Wu Yifan? This year, he began to use skr'frequently in China new rap, using it as a word to praise others, which is also often mentioned on Wu Yifan's micro-blog.

In this regard, many Hupu users taunt him for using words in a disorderly way, which is not in line with the context.

In this way, the fans of Wu Yifan are not happy, and some people start to organize large-scale anti Mafia activities.

There are also calls for fans to capture Hupu, but because Hupu needs to answer a number of sports related questions when registering an account, it is said that this is the account prepared for novices on a treasure.

After the ferment, Wu Yifan's studio also issued a statement, referring to that the audio was maliciously processed through silencing, editing, tuning and so on.

Wu Yifan also left the micro blog in person and said a strong response.

Hu Pufang is not willing to show weakness, calling on JRS (Hu Pufang users) to join in the war.

Just as everyone is discussing the right and wrong of Wu Yifan's fans and Hu puzhinan, I can smell the hype from both sides after a long time!

First of all, I don't know if you remember last year's "hip hop in China". After the second episode, Wu Yifan's "free style" began sweeping the Internet. The second season of this year's "new rap in China" was also broadcast after the second episode, and "SKR" was suddenly spread in a large area.

But we don't know if this is what the program team did

Another doubtful point is that Wu Yifan's relevant posts have not responded too much in the forum of Hupu, which almost caused overheated discussion.

But this time, there was a lot of discussion because of the catchphrase in the audio and the program. Zhang Tieniu, a loyal user of Hupu, said it was incredible. What's more, the interaction between Wu Yifan and Hu Pu is a bit of a mystery.

When Wu Yifan fought back against tiger attack, he put his new song MV on his backhand.

When Hupu responded, he even brought Wu Yifan's catchphrase "SKR" in the new program.

The final result is that the program group of "Chinese rap" and Hupu have made profits.

Wu Yifan's catchphrase "SKR" in the program was further publicized, and more than 2W posts with the word "SKR" were posted on Hupu alone.

In addition, Hupu has set the function of lighting the post to SKR.

There are many expression packs about SKR on Weibo.

Secretly harbor a, I also secretly hid a few expression packs, you can take them at will.

In the current situation, "SKR" has great potential to replace "free style" as the hot word of the year.

Then let's take a look at Hupu. They set up their Weibo account early in the morning to require attention before commenting.

According to the crowd, after the "Wu Yifan incident", hundreds of thousands of new fans came to the pedestrian street of @ Hupu. Yesterday's reading volume exceeded 100W.

And as the main battlefield Hupu website new traffic, let alone, visual inspection is very considerable.

Judging from these immediate interests, China's new rap and tiger attack are both winners. So if this is just a marketing that stops at the profit of both sides, it is actually a happy and satisfactory result.

But Wu Yifan's flow constitution made things go a little bit wrong in the second half: some Hupu users began to slander Wu Yifan's fans in the form of abusive.

In fact, in order to like the idol, to do something that the outside world may think crazy but they enjoy it, this is a good experience, there is no need to form a disdain chain. After all, Hu puzhinan and Wu Yifan are all chasing stars in different forms. What's the difference between nobility and lowliness?

One of my favorite words in rice circle culture: focus on your own home. It is to teach fans to focus on their own love beans in the process of chasing stars, and not to be malicious to others. I think this is the best state, and this is also a part of the current rice circle.