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How does darling sleep dishonestly do?

every little bit of life needs us to learn, especially when there are babies at home. Some people find that their children are always dishonest when they sleep. In fact, parents need to pay more attention to the details. Today I'm telling you that.

First, children's dishonesty in sleeping is mostly due to the fact that parents do not bring their children. For example, when the child sleeps, the parents are always liked by the child. As time goes by, the child always sleeps casually. Then it will be more and more dishonest when sleeping naturally. Therefore, it is suggested that the parents should let the child sleep on time and adjust!

Second, parents should not disturb children's sleeping, and give them a quiet place, so that they can have a good rest. After the quality of sleep is improved, children will not have dishonest sleeping. If the room where the child sleeps is too bright or noisy outside, it's not good.

Third, when the child is resting, the parents should give the child a more comfortable environment. Bed must be neat, so that when children sleep, will be more comfortable, there will be no dishonesty. We must pay attention to this.

Fourth, when the child is young, do not sleep on a relatively high pillow, because if the child's pillow is relatively high, then the child's sleep will affect the neck, causing physical discomfort. Therefore, parents should pay attention to the use of low pillows, so that children will sleep better.

Fifth, the younger the child's grade, the harder the bed the child sleeps in, because the child's body is in the development stage. If the bed is soft, it will squeeze all the organs of the child's body after the child sleeps, so the child will not be honest to sleep.

Sixth, children sleep longer than adults, so parents should give children enough sleep time, do not let children sleep less, which will seriously affect the quality of children's sleep, and then cause children to sleep dishonestly, or even insomnia.

Seventh, children's sleep must be regular. The best sleep time for children every day is 9:30 at night, that is, children must go to bed after 9:30. At the same time, it should be noted that children's sleep time must be stable at nine hours, so that children's sleep will be better and better!