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Which bad habits will affect life span

with the acceleration of the pace of life, many people don't care about some details of life, but just pursue happiness and ease. I don't know these bad habits will cause great harm to the body, so what bad habits will affect our life span?

Don't exercise often

Often do not exercise, easy to lead to obesity and other diseases. In daily life, exercise about three times a week, each time about half an hour, can enhance the body's immunity and reduce the incidence of disease.

Defecate too hard

Many people have the habit of constipation. They often have a painful bowel movement. They will try their best to defecate. However, it is easy to cause a strong contraction of the heart and a rise in blood pressure. It is recommended to eat more food containing dietary fiber to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and smooth defecation.

Two long legs

This small movement looks very comfortable, but if you often cross your legs, the blood flow in the legs will not be smooth, and it is easy to have lumbar disc herniation. Some diseases will be aggravated.

Go to the toilet and play mobile

Now many people like to play mobile phones when they go to the toilet. They can stay in the toilet for half an hour when they go to the toilet. In fact, this does not have any benefits, which will lead to poor defecation, or even affect defecation and hemorrhoids.

Less water

Now many people don't have the habit of drinking water regularly. Some even can't drink the water between getting up in the morning and eating in time. Such people are prone to gastrointestinal diseases and hemorrhoids. Drinking more water can promote the metabolism of the body and accelerate intestinal digestion.

Wake up as soon as you wake up

If you just wake up suddenly, your blood pressure will change, resulting in stroke and high blood pressure. It's better to lie in bed for five minutes first, let your body adapt to the state of waking up, and then get up.