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What are the uses of eggs in life

almost every household has eggs, which can be used to make many dishes. Today, Xiaobian is not to tell you how to make this egg, but to share with you what other aspects of life this egg can be used. Let's take a look at it next

Eggs can be used to clean gilded items

Prepare the egg, take out the egg white, dip the egg white with a small piece of cloth, and wipe it on the gold-plated product for several times, then it will be found that the surface of the gold-plated product becomes bright

Eggs can be used to wipe leather products

Similarly, when we take out an egg, we just use the egg white to wipe the leather products, which can remove the stains on the leather surface and make the leather shiny

Eggs can remove spots

Prepare a fresh egg, wash it and dry it, then add 300ml vinegar to soak it for about a month. When the eggshell dissolves into the vinegar, add a spoonful of vinegar into a glass of water, one cup a day, which can make the skin smooth and delicate

Eggs can wrinkle

Prepare egg, then paste a thin layer of egg inside the egg shell in wrinkled areas. After drying, oily skin can be removed with cotton pad. Dry skin can be first coated with a little emulsion or cream to wipe.

Eggs remove dead skin from the face

Put an egg into a bowl, add a small spoon of salt into the bowl, dip the egg liquid in a towel or make-up cotton and gently wipe it on the skin, so as to remove the dead skin on the face

Eggs can promote the blood circulation of the face

Prepare an egg and a spoonful of honey. Put the egg into a bowl and add honey. Stir it evenly. Apply it to the face with a clean soft brush before going to bed. Massage the face gently with your fingers to promote the circulation of blood. After the egg liquid on the face dries, wash it with water and moisturize it