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How to predict the final movie theater box office

Di Renjie's Four Heavenly Kings is going to be released on July 27, and tomato richest man, which will be released on the same day, will become the biggest enemy of the film. After five years, how much box office can Xu's series of Di Renjie's works have?

Xiaobian boldly predicted that the box office revenue of the third film "four great kings of Di Renjie" should surpass the 600 million mark of "Dragon King, the God of Di Renjie". It should not be difficult to break through the billion mark at the end of the box office.

From the box office point of view, the first two films have made brilliant achievements because they are regularly on the National Day file. In 2010, when the first movie "empire of heaven" was released in the mainland, it won the box office title for three consecutive weeks and ended up with 292 million.

In the annual film box office ranking, it has achieved the fifth best result, and created the box office records of Andy Lau and Tsui Hark in the mainland.

In 2013, the second "Shendu Longwang" was released in the mainland. On the first day, it achieved a good result of RMB 56.01 million, and then it went high. As of November 7, 2013, Shendu Longwang successfully exceeded the 600 million mark.

It has become the eighth domestic film with a box office of over 600 million yuan in the history of the mainland film market, and has also created the highest box office record of the film directed by Tsui Hark.

At the same time, the film also created a number of National Day box office records, such as national day zero field box office champion, first day box office champion, first week box office champion. It can be described as brilliant achievements.

Although the first two films were released at a good time, there was no film of the same rank competing with them when the di Renjie series was released, so the first two films were released at the same time.

But it has to be said that the film market of the first two years is not so mature and hot as it is now, so the box office of the third film "Four Heavenly Kings" will not be too bad.

Tsui Hark has always been a "brain hole" expert. In his series of Di Renjie films, a large number of fantastic ideas and visions have created a new and unique "Di Renjie's treacherous world", which is connected with the sky, the sky, the red flame, the golden tortoise, the ghost city and the Ao emperor.

A series of 'big hole' settings have been praised by fans. The upgraded visual effects redefine the world and show 'Chinese wonders'. For the continuation of "Di Renjie's world", Xu said, "Di Renjie represents China's detectives in the world.".

He also said that the reason why Di Renjie series can continue is the charm of actors and characters. Let the audience more and more familiar with the character, more and more like him '. The return of five years as the third in a series has brought about "the strongest diranji".

The second part is the return of the original team. The "Dali Temple investigation team" composed of Di Renjie (played by Zhao Youting), Wei Chi Zhenjin (played by Feng Shaofeng) and Sha Tuozhong (played by Lin Xin Xin). After the Shendu Dragon King's case becomes a life and death friend, the relationship will start again.

Di Renjie was in danger, but the people around him showed signs of 'defection'. Wei Chi's real gold was suspected of being blacked out, and Sha Tuozhong could not do anything in the face of a strong crisis. In addition, Carina Lau, as the Empress Wu running through the three parts, let the audience see Wu Zetian's' more different faces'.

While Ruan Jingtian plays the mysterious character Yuanjian, Ma Sichun's' old punk Heroine 'Shuiyue, which injects fresh energy into the movie. In the four heavenly kings of Di Renjie, Tsui Hark's brain is more open, extending a new and different story.

'I think the character of Di Renjie is very wonderful. We often talk about solving a case, and only stay in the case itself. But what Di Renjie brings is a kind of discovery, finding out what happened around but didn't know before, which hides interesting possibilities'.

Tsui Hark revealed that what attracts him is the interpretation of personality and human nature. "Even in that distant era, some human things are unchanged, and the life experience in the film can be extended to the present.".

In addition, the film also captures the special temperament of the historical era. According to Xu Ke, the Tang Dynasty gives people a very fashionable feeling, and many standards are relatively 'cutting-edge', which also makes him feel interesting.

The core of Di Renjie's series is not only 'China's first detective' or the case itself, but also the charm of the characters themselves. 'of course, the new characters should have a bit of freshness, such as the new round test and water moon, they may bring an unexpected surprise to the audience'.