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Live broadcast address, schedule and video recording of the qualifying match of 2018f1 Hungary

The Hungarian Grand Prix, the last race before the summer break this year, will kick off at hengerolin this weekend. This is a medium and low speed track, with high requirements for the traction and downforce of the car. Mercedes cars are expected to struggle here. Ferrari will become a hot winner, and Red Bull is expected to join the ranks of the championship.

Live broadcast time and viewing address of 2018f1 Hungarian Grand Prix:

July 27 18:00 F1 Hungary Grand Prix first free practice: Mid = 100002:20188376

July 27 21:00 F1 Hungary Grand Prix second free practice: Mid = 100002:20188376

July 28 18:00 F1 Hungary Grand Prix third free practice: Mid = 100002:20188376

21:00, July 28 F1 live broadcast address of Hungarian qualifying: 5plus/

21:10, July 29, F1 Hungary race live address: Mid = 100002:20188380

In the Hungarian race just ended last week, Mercedes team won the championship and the second place at home. Hamilton started from the 14th place and finally won his fourth victory of the season. Teammate botas was the second and Raikkonen was the third. Vettel, who also fought at home, ran into the wall in the lead. Unfortunately, he withdrew

In last year's Hungarian Grand Prix, Vettel won the pole position and the championship, while Ferrari also completed the formula 1 + 2 in the race. This year, Ferrari and Vettel have just suffered a major setback when they return here. In last weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix, Vettel ran out of the race track and hit the parapet to withdraw from the race because of a small mistake in the leading situation Both the championship and the top of the drivers' championship have given way to Hamilton. However, Ferrari is expected to stop its decline and attack the championship again.

Hamilton last race can only start from the 14th place because of the mistake of qualifying, but finally won the championship with the help of rain and safety car. The test they faced this weekend is not small. After all, their car today has no advantage in downforce and tire protection. In addition to Ferrari, Red Bull competition will also join the ranks of the championship, Hamilton's ability to take the lead into the summer break still has a question mark. In addition to these three teams, Renault and Haas are still the most likely teams to disrupt. If the competition gets into a scuffle, they even have the possibility to get on the podium.

In the current drivers' championship, Hamilton, who earned 25 points in the last race, temporarily ranked first with 188 points, Vettel ranked second with 171 points, Raikkonen ranked third with 131 points, followed by botas with 122 points and Ricardo with 106 points. In the team's championship, Mercedes regained the top position with 310 points, Ferrari ranked second with 8 points behind, Red Bull ranked third with 211 points, followed by Renault's 80 points and Haas's 59 points.