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How about yoga in the evening? What's the advantage of Yoga

yoga has many advantages, not only can you coordinate your body, keep your body, but also improve your pain. When is the best time to practice yoga?

The best time to do yoga at night

The best time to practice yoga is between 18:00-20:00 p.m. Because in this period of time, the body temperature is the highest, so the muscles are the most flexible, and hard and lasting sports will become easy. Yoga can not only cultivate one's health, but also regulate one's body and achieve the goal of slimming.

What are the benefits of yoga practice

1, recuperate the body and speed up metabolism: Yoga is an ancient way of practice. Modern people absorb their essence and make it a popular sport. Persisting in yoga can improve the metabolism of the body, discharge the excess waste in the body, regulate the body, promote the circulation of the blood in the body, balance the endocrine, not only bring you a healthy body, but also let you practice both inside and outside to achieve a good external body.

2. Improve pain: yoga can effectively prevent and treat all kinds of pain, no matter the pain caused by joints, back, cervical spine, head, physiological period, etc., or insomnia, hair loss and other symptoms, it has a good effect.

3. Focus: no matter the busy white-collar class or the students preparing for the exam, learning yoga is conducive to improving the study and work efficiency, so that you can know how to relax and focus.

4. Prevention of chronic diseases: Yoga is a very good way of exercise. The body muscles may feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable after a day. You can use external massage, and the internal organs are also very hard after a day. Yoga can massage organs and promote blood circulation.

Three basic movements of weight-loss Yoga

1. Tree style: stand straight, hands down on your side, shoulders relaxed. The right foot bends the knee and raises it. Place the right foot palm on the left leg half or knee. Stretch and close the hands to the sky to keep breathing. Keep your legs moving and lower your hands to your chest while exhaling.

2. Hero style: the legs are about two shoulder width apart, with the left foot in front and the right foot in the back, and the toes of the right foot are about 60 degrees outward. Put your hands on both sides of your body. Stretch your hands up, fingers together, and hold your hands together. Exhale and bend the left knee at a 90 degree angle with the thighs parallel to the ground.

3. Trigonometry: two legs open about one and a half shoulder width, the sole of the foot into 60 degrees angle, two hands hang on the side of the body. Raise your arms to your shoulders, inhale, and swing your upper body left and right. Exhale and extend your right hand down until you touch your ankle, while extending your left arm up and looking up at your left fingertip. Repeat on the other side in the same way.