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China Men's basketball vs Serbia live address and Prospect of international men's Basketball Champio

On July 28, the red team of the Chinese men's basketball team will play in the Kunshan game of this year's four nation men's basketball match. Their first match will be against Serbia. Ding yanyuhang and Zhou Qi will join the national team for the first time this summer. They are likely to have their first show of national brand this summer.

Live time: 15:25, July 28

Live address: Mid = 100002:20188933

Recent situation of both parties:

With the return of Ding yanyuhang and Zhou Qi, the list of China's red teams for the four nation men's basketball tournament Kunshan station is: Fang Shuo, Zhao Rui, sun Minghui, Zhao Jiwei, Lei Meng, Tian Yuxiang, Liu Zhixuan, Yu Changdong, Ding yanyuhang, Abdu shalamu, Zhao Tailong, Wang Zhelin, Fu Hao, Dong Hanlin, fan Ziming and Zhou Qi. In addition to Raymond, Tian Yuxiang, Fu Hao and fan Ziming, the other 12 will represent China in the Asian Games to be held next month, and this four nation competition will be the most important warm-up opportunity for them to prepare for the Asian Games.

Ding Yanyu and Zhou Qi are both preparing for their first match with the national team this summer. Tomorrow's match with Serbia may also be their first show. However, according to the latest news in front, Xiao Ding and Zhou Qi are injured, so whether they can play is still to be determined.

Most of Serbia's men's basketball players in this match are from Serbia's domestic leagues, and three are from men's basketball Serie A, Spanish League and Spanish League respectively. Cokovic, the core player, played in the European preliminary round of men's Basketball World Cup. Due to the rich talent reserve of Serbian men's basketball team and the high level of domestic league, although this team is short of big star players, the formation of its lineup is not comparable to Slovenia, which came to China to warm up before.

Core points:

If Ding yanyuhang and Zhou Qi can play, there is no doubt that they will be the focus of the game. Xiaoding's ability to hold the ball and attack, Zhou Qi's close marking like blocking the sky in the three second area, will become a weapon for men's basketball team to win. Zhao Jiwei, the main control guard, and the two will be more handy. The performance of several main players in this game will better simulate the overall performance of the men's basketball team in the Asian Games.

The men's basketball team is expected to start first:

Wang Zhelin, Yu Changdong, Zhao Tailong, Zhao Rui, Zhao Jiwei