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What is the reason why the car can't start after stalling?

it's a bad thing that the car stalls in the middle of the road, but if you want to keep going, you need to find out the reason for stalling. This experience will introduce you to how to analyze the causes after the car stalls.

When the car stalls, it depends on whether the fuel is sufficient. Many drivers don't look at the fuel tank when they go out. As a result, the car stalls when there is no fuel on the way.

The engine lock is not open. I once locked the car with the key of the remote control car, but when I was driving, I opened the door manually with the key instead of pressing the remote control, which made the car unable to start. It took a while to remember that the car engine's anti-theft lock couldn't be set on fire because it didn't press the remote control. Press the car remote control and solve it immediately.

Sometimes the water temperature sensor fails, which can also cause the car to fail to start after stalling. This situation can only be solved by a nearby repair shop. We usually don't understand this. We can only find a mechanic to check it.

Sometimes there is a problem with the gasoline pump, which can also cause it to fail to start after stalling. You can try to knock on the fuel tank. If you are lucky, you may be able to start it. If not, you need to find a mechanic.

Too much carbon in the throttle valve will also make it difficult for the car to start. You can try to start the engine with a little throttle. If it succeeds, it is probably caused by too much carbon in the throttle valve.

A broken engine belt may also cause failure to start, but this situation usually occurs in old cars, and there are not many situations.