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Ticket price of opening ceremony and closing ceremony of 2018 Asian Games how to buy tickets for Asi the Asian Games are held every four years, which is an important sports event. The 18th Asian Games will be held in Jakarta on August 18, 2018. How much is the ticket for the 2018 Asian Games? How to buy it?

Ticket price of 2018 Asian Games

Ticket price of 2018 Asian Games: the ticket price of the opening ceremony ranges from 0.75 million to 5 million, and the ticket price of the closing ceremony ranges from 0.45 million to 2 million. You can choose visa credit card, MasterCard credit card, indomaret minimarket, CIMB clicks and Mandiri e-cash for payment. At present, the organizers have arranged 400000 tickets for the opening ceremony for sale.

Tickets for the opening ceremony:

Cat A:Rp.5.000.000

Cat B:Rp.1.500.000

Cat C:Rp.750.000

Closing ceremony tickets:

Cat A:Rp.2.000.000

Cat B:Rp.1.000.000

Cat C:Rp.450.000

Tickets for the game, starting from 50000 Dong.

How to buy tickets for the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games

How to buy tickets for the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games: tickets will be sold through the online sales platform, and can also be purchased through the official Asian Games website

Purchase address on the official website:, click the ticket of the lowest name.

The opening ceremony of the 2018 Asian Games will be held in Sukarno Stadium on August 18. Tickets for the opening ceremony of the Asian Games will be sold in mid July. Tickets for the opening, closing and events have been sold through kiostix.

How to buy tickets for the Asian Games

Online ticketing process:

Take the equestrian competition for example.

1. In the lower left corner is the sign of beli & gt;. Chinese means buy.

2. Click to enter. All the tickets are final. Ticket price: rp.300.000.

3. I have a choice of tickets. Choose the number of votes. Click on pesan sekarang (order now).

4. Finally, you can choose to pay by credit card, transfer or convenience store