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Can you vaccinate during pregnancy? The right way to vaccinate before pregnancy the first pregnant woman is a major event in life. In order to ensure the healthy and safe birth of her baby, pregnant mothers will pay special attention to it. Some pregnant mothers will be vaccinated before pregnancy so that they will be less sick during pregnancy. Can they be vaccinated during pregnancy?

Vaccination is a method we often use, but many expectant mothers are consciously pursuing quantity. However, you should know that the vaccine is not the more the better, but according to your own actual situation. If you don't need the vaccine, it will not only waste money, but also cause bad effects. How do expectant mothers get vaccinated correctly?

Many people say they need two kinds of vaccine before pregnancy, one is hepatitis B vaccine and the other is rubella vaccine. But not all pregnant women need injection, because some people have immunity. Before injecting the vaccine, you can go to the hospital to check the antibody. For hepatitis B vaccine, if both parents have hepatitis B patients or there is no corresponding antibody in the body, you can choose to vaccinate hepatitis B vaccine, so as to better protect the mother and baby. If both parents are healthy and have antibodies in their bodies, there is no need for vaccination and no need to spend the money.

Many people are vulnerable to various rumors before pregnancy. For example, if you get a flu vaccine, you will not have a cold, and your child will not be susceptible to a cold. This statement is totally wrong. Influenza virus has strong variability. Vaccination generally will not work, because it is not known what kind of virus you are caused by. A vaccine can only prevent one virus or one kind of virus, so there is no need for vaccination. Instead of vaccinating against this kind of vaccine, it's better to strengthen exercise and take more vitamins to improve your immunity against the cold. On the contrary, if vaccinated, it will cause fever and other symptoms. If it is really necessary to vaccinate, follow the doctor's advice.

There are many kinds of vaccines, but they are not all produced by anti original stimulating antibodies. A large part of vaccines are directly injected into the body, so it is OK to inject some vaccines after harm happens. For example, you were accidentally bitten by a dog during pregnancy, but you don't need to be afraid of being bitten by a dog before pregnancy. It's totally impossible if you're going to inject all the vaccines before you get pregnant.

This kind of substance has an impact on both mother and child. For your health, you should ask the doctor's advice before you inject it. It is also to avoid excessive injection of unnecessary vaccines.