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How to keep moon cakes that can't be eaten in Mid Autumn Festival? Precautions for moon cake preserv

Before and after the Mid Autumn Festival, there is a large number of moon cakes on the market. For a time, every family is suffering from moon cakes. So how to deal with so many moon cakes? How to keep moon cakes if you can't finish eating them? Is there any good way to keep moon cakes on Mid Autumn Festival?

how to preserve the disassembled mooncakes? First, you can consider using the preservation tape to seal them and put them in the refrigerator, but you should eat them as soon as possible.

Second, we can consider slicing and cooking porridge. After all, there are many ingredients in moon cakes. It's good to cook soup with coarse grains.

How to keep moon cakes best

1. The moon cake should be handled gently, especially the Soviet style moon cake is the most easily broken because of its loose skin. If the crust falls off, it will not only affect the appearance, but also affect the taste and quality, and it is easy to be affected by moisture.

2. The moon cake is rich in oil and sugar. It is easy to get moldy and deteriorate when it is heated and damped. Therefore, the moon cake must be stored in a low temperature, cool and ventilated place.

3. When storing moon cakes, it's better to store them in isolation, not together with other food and sundries, so as to avoid cross taste and loss of proper taste and characteristics.

4. Not all mooncakes are suitable for storage in the refrigerator. It is not recommended to put them in the refrigerator except for those with ice skin and fresh meat filling.

Precautions for moon cake preservation

Time limit

Moon cakes, after all, are food to eat. In addition, there are a lot of moon cake materials and fillings. There will be a shelf life naturally. Can't you how to save, the general moon cake shelf life will not be too long, many will not be more than half a month.

Low temperature, ventilated, cool place

Because moon cake is rich in raw materials, such as pasta, sugar, sugar, walnut, black sesame, there are many flavors, cream, fruits and vegetables, etc. The filling of moon cake is needless to say, such as bean paste, sesame, shrimp, green tea and so on. These overeating determine that moon cakes should be kept in low temperature, ventilated and cool places. Of course, it should be stored separately.

Consider refrigerator

Not all mooncakes are suitable for preservation in the refrigerator, but because of the different filling, some need to be preserved in the refrigerator, such as ice skin, fresh meat filling. Note that, in the preservation, consider the use of fresh-keeping film packaging, and at the same time to control the temperature, not too low.

Prevent contact with mice, etc

When storing moon cakes, we must prevent mice, cockroaches and other things from contacting moon cakes. After all, mooncakes are sweet food, which will definitely attract these creatures. All of them must be packaged and stored at will. If necessary, kill cockroaches in the house in advance.