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Can Yoga correct leg shape many people like yoga, which can not only exercise, but also shape and beautify our body. Yoga has many benefits for our body. Can Yoga correct the leg shape?

Can Yoga correct leg shape

Practice yoga, through ligament stretching and strength exercise, can effectively improve the leg line, making the leg muscles more symmetrical and strong. It is difficult to improve the leg shape, so it needs long-term practice to achieve better results.

The exercises such as air pedaling bicycle, side leg lifting, scissor leg, bow and arrow, pigeon style, etc. when you can't hold on to them every time, practice 5-10 more breaths or hold on to 5-10 more breaths.

In addition, you can lie on your back before going to bed every day, straighten your legs up, stick your lower back to the bed, stick your legs back to the wall, pedal your heels, and put a book or a yoga brick on your feet, so as to make the bricks as smooth as possible, and let the whole foot fit the bricks, each time for 5-10 minutes, and breathe evenly and slowly.

In addition, because yoga practice is not in place, it is easy to hurt the muscles and bones and has no effect, it is recommended to find an experienced yoga coach to guide the practice.

Yoga Tips

1. Don't do yoga on an empty stomach

It's better to finish eating an hour before yoga, but if you can't eat an hour before yoga and you are hungry, you can eat a banana 20 minutes before yoga, which can resist hunger and indigestion.

2. Don't be shy about your body

People who practice yoga in advertisements are slim, but no matter what their waistline is, they can do yoga well. In fact, research shows that yoga can help people lose weight and avoid weight gain.

3. You don't have to go for the ultimate

You may have seen yogis twist their bodies like noodles, but it's just the best way to practice. Even if you are born stiff, your body will become flexible through practice. In addition, you need to know that yoga is not only to pose, but also to adjust your breathing and relax.

4. No socks and gloves required

Non slip gloves and socks will make you feel wrong about the position of body stretch when you practice yoga posture. In the long run, there will be no way to do specific Yoga actions, unable to play the effect of yoga practice.

How long can you eat after yoga? It's better not to eat immediately within 1 hour after yoga. At least choose to eat some food properly after 1 hour, and especially avoid eating high calorie or high fat food, otherwise the training effect will be wasted.

Avoid high calorie or fat foods after Yoga: such as cream cake, fried food, chocolate, peanut, biscuit, instant noodles, fat, etc.