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Rainbow fart praises people classic collection praises people rainbow fart complete quotations

Sihai network: following the local love words, it has ushered in the rainbow and exaggerated quotations. Each sentence is sweet to the heart. Today, Xiaobian arranges for everyone to share some classic quotations of rainbow and fart, and quickly collect them.

Rainbow fart boast quotations

In those rainbow fart boast quotations popular on the Internet, let me recognize and love from the bottom of my heart is "peach on earth". Almost condensed all my fantasies about the beautiful girl. Adolescence see "Cherry far", which said, cherry, just these two words read out, there is a sense of happiness. The peach of the world is the same - a fragrance can't wait to overflow, and suddenly leave you.

Are you blind? You hit me in the heart

'don't complain' 'hold me'

You did all the good things with your face

Who are you? You're my sweetheart

I don't want to hit the south wall. I just want to hit your chest

I don't miss you at all, but I miss you at half past one

It's easy to slip, but the collarbone looks good

My love for you is like a tractor going up the mountain

Will you just be aggrieved and plant it in my hand?

Why do you hate it so much? It's not boring to be liked

What do you think I want to eat? Staring at you

There are 100 ways to eat sweet cakes and 98 times to miss you

People who say the stars look good must not have seen your eyes

The firecrackers don't ring again on the night of 30. I don't think you think so

God's love starts in Greece my love starts in you

I'm tired of being a lovely girl. I want to be your wife

You can learn to swim, so that we can be in love forever;

You are my rose, you are my flower, and the love words of birds are only for you to praise

Do you know why I'm so active? Because I love you every moment

The buttons on your clothes are for tying, not for your crime

'guess what uniform I like,' subdued by you '

Do you know what wine is best to drink in the sky

Do you know how to eat beef? I'll feed you

You are the third color between the moon and the blood

I've heard that Mr. Wang has a good command of the family. I'd like to hear more about her for the rest of my life

Do you like drinking water? Then you already like 70% of me

Your dimple seems to have something to say

Your mother's surname is not Fang? Your mother's surname is not Fang. Why do you look so upright?

'I've had a little hypoglycemia recently. 'it's like I haven't seen you for a long time. '

Do you smell burning? It's my heart burning for you

When I saw you, my heart left with you. You said you were not a heart thief?

I bring a lot of delicious food every day. Everyone can eat it, but you can eat it

I doubt that your essence is a book. Otherwise, why do you make me want to sleep more and more

You must have been a carbonated drink in your last life? Then why do I bubble when I see you

Every time I see a cherry, I think of happiness, but happiness is endless and hard to reach

Can I have a effervescent tablet? Why do I have no resistance every time I see you

I always care about the coordinates of clouds and stars, the time when a flower blooms and withers, and whether the boundless expanse of plain and plain is flat. I didn't know that you raised your eyebrows gently, but gave me a lifetime of great rivers and mountains.

I remember the sonnet I recited in order to cope with the college entrance examination. There was a saying in it that if someone asked where your beauty was and where your treasure of youth, you said, 'in my eyes, it's a shame of greed and a useless praise. 'and cruel time and decadent deliberation, to turn your youth day into dark night, in order to love you, I will fight against time, it takes away from you, I will graft again

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I want to lean on my chest muscle

You're a lovely boy I'm a lovely boy

I thought you were living in my heart

Can you laugh? I'm a little out of sugar today

I have no regrets to live a day with Bi Wenjun's face

How sweet is your afternoon tea on weekdays

'I think you're like a game,' my world '

You know what my biggest weakness is? It's your weakness.

You must have gone out and wiped honey. My eyes are so sweet when I look at you

Do you know the difference between you and the stars? The stars are in the sky, you are in my heart

You should be on Taobao because you are the baby I want to buy the most

'I'm looking for a road.' Jiefang West Road? '' no, Auntie washes the railway. '

"Do you smell anything?" No. "the air is sweet when you come out."

From now on, I can only call you you because & hellip; & hellip; you are in my heart

You are the wind, I am the sand, you are the Hami, I am the melon, you are the toothpaste, I am the brush, you do not love me, I commit suicide

I was born in the south, live in the south, planted in your hands, I have been to different places.

'do you know how to keep warm in such cold weather?' 'I don't know. 'I don't know, but I know how to marry you. '