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Apple's new patented device describes whether inductive charging of electronic devices can be realiz

Four seas network: Inductive charging between electronic devices? Recently, apple applied for a new patent to let MacBook charge iPhone wirelessly. Inductive charging is a way to charge the device wirelessly, but at present, there is only one mainstream solution, which is to charge the device through the wireless charging base. It's clear that Apple may be planning to change that to allow wireless charging between devices.

This patent describes a lot of devices, one of which is about integrating induction coils into MacBook laptops. The induction coil has three potential locations: on both sides of the touchpad or directly below the touchpad. This way you can charge your iPhone or apple watch simply by putting them on your laptop. Although you may feel disturbed when using a laptop, people who use an external monitor, keyboard and mouse will find it very useful.

Another interesting detail of the application refers to a device that consists only of a housing, battery and induction coil. We all know Apple's airpower wireless charger, but the patent says that the charger (or future version) will have its own battery memory for use on the road.

When the technology is separated from the grid and only one device is needed instead of more, it will give users a lot of flexibility. If we are to guess what Apple thinks about the future, they want you to be able to charge AirPods with the iPad, the iPhone on the MacBook or all the other product combinations you can think of.