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Who is muzimei and what's the relationship between muzimei and no V

The invasion of these two natures is constantly brewing and fermenting. There are many hot discussions on the Internet. There is a constant topic about muzimei on the Internet. Who is this muzimei? What is muzimei's information? Let's have a look.

Who is muzimei

Muzimei is a beautiful writer with a certain degree of topic. This time, she blew up the chaos in the entertainment circle, which made many netizens think that she was warming up.

Muzimei is an editor, Internet writer and Cantonese. Her famous work is the love letter left behind. In 2003, he began to publish his sexual diary on the Internet, especially the details of "one night stand" with a rock musician, and "one shot and one shot" became popular, forming a "muzimei phenomenon" which aroused hot discussion among netizens. Later, he became active in Sina Weibo under the name of "no V" and published his work "men's and women's internal participation".

What is muzimei for 3

Recently, Zhang Wen, a senior media person, was sexually assaulted. Women media people such as Jiang Fangzhou and Chunshu appeared to protect their rights. There was an upsurge of metoo activities on the Internet. They called on all women who had been sexually assaulted to come forward and say their painful experiences, and attached labels to social media to arouse social attention.

Muzimei, the online writer, has been sending articles on the 25th, pointing directly at the lewd and disorderly image of the media circle: at that time, the media circle of public knowledge asked me to open up, just like worshiping the wharf. Sun Mian, the founder of the new weekly, has slept several times. The old man is in good health.

Personal information of muzimei

Muzimei was born in 1978, and now she is 40 years old. She has no special appearance, but she is famous for her large speech. In the past interviews, muzimei said that she likes to love strange men, so one night stand is his usual way of life. According to a person familiar with the matter, muzimei has been to dawn, which is not impossible for her to see her body as cheap.

Muzimei is an editor of a newspaper in Guangzhou. Her original name is Li Li. She graduated from the 97 level Philosophy Department of Sun Yat sen University in Guangdong Province. Currently, she is the editor of Guangzhou magazine column. Network writer, the following half body writing and become famous in one night, before becoming famous, he once wandered in the bar and tea shop, muzimei fell in love with other people while reading, and after graduation, he was even more unrestrained and unrestrained, and took this as a pleasure.

One of the things that netizens appreciate muzimei is that she is very sincere. Before selling books, she was forced to tear up a wave. She was a little crafty, but she can make people see through and be honest. However, most female writers are not honest with wood teachers. Now this guide goes on. At last, it is likely that female writers sell books, eat melons, watch plays and chicken feathers.