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Think about it. What's the difference between Dad's guest lineup and dad's going "think of a way Dad" has become the most anticipated variety show in summer since it was recorded. However, for those who have not paid attention to this variety information, they will be mistaken for the post of "where is dad?" although both variety shows are adventure life with cute baby by Dad, they are quite different. Let's look for a difference:

1. Different producers

It is believed that when most viewers watch a variety show, they pay more attention to the content of the program rather than the production team, but in fact, a good production team is a necessary element for the success of a variety show, because in the process of program broadcast, not only the story content is attractive, but also the shooting methods and editing methods are indispensable.

"Think about it! Dad" is a parent-child outdoor program jointly launched by Xie dikui, the director of "where is dad?" and Youku. It has a strong taste of competing with Hunan TV, the first brother of variety show.

Thanks to Xie dikui, the director of the program, the audience's expectation for "think of a way! Dad" is self-evident. One is to see the content of the program, and the other is to see whether it can surpass the previous work.

2. Different program content

Since we want to compete with "where to go dad", we need to make different content, not only the overall content of the program itself, but also in the link setting.

It can be seen from the program process of "think about it! Dad" that the two programs are quite different in content. "Think of a way! Dad" is a star couple with cute baby together, from this point on to distinguish "where dad goes".

I want to say that there is little cute. What we want to see more is the embarrassment of my father traveling with his children. Don't worry about it. The program team also thinks about it. So the program is set as the story of my father looking for my mother with her cute baby. I believe there will be a lot of laughs during the trip.

3. Different guest lineups

The lineup here does not refer to the stars themselves, but to the way in which each group of families is composed. Where's dad? It's totally composed of dad and cute baby, while think of a way! Dad is composed of husband and wife and children. I believe that there will be many scenes of mom in the program, and some actions of mom will also promote the development of the story.

Since we talk about the guests, we have to introduce the guest lineup of the program, including Qi Wei and Li Chengxuan with their daughter lucky, Zhu Yin and Huang Guanzhong with their son Debbie, Huang Ying and Cao Shuai with their son Xiao Jiu, and Chen Feiyu, the internship father, with a pair of mixed blood twin brothers arranged by the program team. It's very exciting to watch the lineup.

"Think of a way! Dad" began recording around mid June. I believe we can see the show soon after. Let's look forward to it!