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No heart Master 2, why is white glaze a little snake? What is the relationship between white glaze a

"No heart Master 2" many people are concerned about, last night officially launched, in which no intention and white glaze daily interaction is not to let you see very enjoyable? So what is the grudge between white glazed and unintentionally? Why is white glaze a small snake? Who is the white glazed actor?

Mike is very popular recently. He plays the role of white glaze in this TV play. He is a very close friend with Wu Xin. He has a mysterious identity, powerful ability and strong magic power. We know that Wu Xin sleeps every 100 years and the memory will disappear. White glaze is the future guard of him until he wakes up.

We know that in the original mind of Master 2, the appearance of white glaze in the original novels is: the first one has not appeared, the second has appeared for the first time, and finally died in the bunker built by the Japanese in the northeast, becoming the ghosts inside, devouring the spirits of the old wizard. It seems that this is a villain. So what are the abilities of white glaze?

In the third part of the unintentional master, the incarnation of the snake has been unintentional. The first half of the fourth part is separated from the unintentional mind, and the second half is back to the unintentional side, and the hatred is resolved with no intention.

At that time, Bai Liuli was a master who raised Gu. He used mindless feeding, and found that it was no use to mindless. Later, he gradually trusted mindless to help him with the trivial matters of life. After that, mindless could not bear white glaze. Steal all the property of white glaze and escape. To blame unintentionally for his later miserable life (death of his son, etc.).

It is said that the plot of the second season of the unintentional master is the fusion of third and fourth parts of the novel, so it is estimated that the outcome of the white glaze and the unintentional dissolving of hatred, what is the final outcome of the 2 white glaze, and how did it die?

What other Chinese TV plays has Mike played?

In addition to acting as "master of the heart" and "no heart Master 2", in 2015, Mike played the hero of Hu four Xiang Gong in the TV series "the legend of green hills Fox". Later, he co operated with Berlin Chan and others in the movie "never imagined: Xi You Pian", playing the pig Ba Jie, playing the movie "face peach blossom" and playing Gong Yan in the hit play "little lover". In 2016, he starred in the online drama "dear princess disease" and the TV drama "delicious legend".