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How about Xiaomi max 3? First hand experience evaluation of Xiaomi max 3 Xiaomi max 3 was launched and tested. Xiaomi max 3 has been on sale. Many users got the new machine in the first time. As a big screen is the latest work of Xiaomi max series, what are the characteristics and advantages of Xiaomi max 3?

Configuration overview:

Qualcomm snapdragon 636 SOC

4 / 6GB memory, 64 / 128GB storage

6.9 inch screen, 2160 x 1080 resolution, 18:9, LCD material, Tianma video mode

5500mah capacity battery

12 + 5 megapixel (s5k2l7 + s5k5e8)

Fingerprint identification from huiding

The prices for 4 + 64 and 6 + 128 are & yen; 1699 and & yen; 1999, respectively.


Compared with the previous generation of Max 2, Xiaomi max 3 has improved its appearance, mainly due to its higher screen share, so after lighting up the screen, max 3 looks more handsome. In terms of grip feeling, as always, you should pay more attention to it when you use it. Moreover, the official doesn't give the protective shell like other millet series, so you have to spend some money to buy it.

(body top: 3.5mm headphone hole and infrared transmitter)

(bottom of fuselage)

The rest of the fuselage is still the same: rear fingerprint, type-C interface, 3.5mm headphone interface, infrared transmitter and so on. The difference from the previous generation is that the max 3 is equipped with a vertical dual camera and a virtual button with the chin removed.

In terms of appearance, the performance of Xiaomi max 3 is more standard, there is no special highlight, and Liu Haiping is not used to follow the trend (which is a good thing). Although it is not handsome, it is also good-looking. In addition to fingerprint unlocking, max 3 also supports AI face unlocking, which is very fast, but it's very sad that the author prints out his own color large head photo and cuts it, and then it's cracked in an instant, so we don't have too much confidence in the face unlocking of non 3D structured light (for details, please see video evaluation 01:01).


As the main selling point of this machine, Xiaomi max 3 is equipped with a 6.9-inch screen, 2160 x 1080 resolution, LCD material, screen scale of 18:9, panel supplier from Tianma, video mode.

After professional screen test, the following data are obtained:

Standard mode: color temperature 6627k; color gamut: 96.8%; sRGB average & Delta; E: 1.8 (the smaller the better).

Enhancement mode: color temperature 7640k; color gamut: 99.4%; sRGB average & Delta; E: 3 (the smaller the better).

Intelligent mode: color temperature 6756k (warm); color gamut: 99.3%; sRGB average & Delta; E: 3 (the smaller the better).

To sum up, the objective data is as good as ever, but the visual performance is relatively general. The top of our max 3 screen is a little dark, and the visual angle performance is not particularly good. As a major entertainment content consumption product, this disadvantage should not appear.


Xiaomi max 3 is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 636 SOC. There are two official versions: 4 + 64 and 6 + 128. What we get is the top configuration.

This one may inherit the 625 God U name of 636. In terms of CPU performance, it can play snapdragon 625, 630, Exynos 7872 and Kirin 659 on the ground. However, the gap with snapdragon 660 is still a bit large, especially in terms of GPU performance.

Running time

In terms of running score, it is almost the same as several Xiaolong 636 machines we tested before, but the random write score of max 3 is very high.

At the same time, we also used gamebench to test the frame rate of Heping elite. When the HD image quality, high frame rate and anti aliasing are turned on, it can hover around 30fps (left, because it can't exceed 30fps). Of course, there will be frame dropping when parachuting and racing. This performance is quite unexpected, because the snapdragon 821 with stronger GPU performance can not reach this level~

Our max 3 factory runs MIUI 10 based on Android 8.1. The new version of MIUI has many improvements, such as better gesture operation, some redesigned UI interfaces and so on.

Charging range

(charging curve)

The official standard qc3.0 fast charging head supports 9V 2A at most. After actual measurement, connect the charger at 32% time, and the power will float back and forth between 17w-18w. The Xiaomi max 3 is equipped with a 5500mah battery. It takes 2 hours and 08 minutes from 5% to full charge. It takes a long time. After all, the battery is large.

(endurance comparison)

In terms of endurance, after our two-hour endurance test: 30 minutes for large-scale games, video watching, WiFi access and 4G access respectively, the remaining power is 88%, which is basically adequate once every two days. In addition to strong endurance, max 3 also supports reverse charging, which can charge other devices. You can buy a type-C to type-C or type-C to lightning cable.


Millet Max 3 as like as two peas of red rice Note 5, which is not only SoC and screen resolution, but even camera hardware. All of them are s5k2l7 (12 million pixels, no optical anti shake) with F / 1.9 aperture, characterized by 1.4 μ m unit pixel, dual core focusing, which is far better than the imx386 of Max 2. The secondary pictures are all s5k5e8 with 5 million pixels.


This Xiaomi max 3, in fact, is aimed at a very specific crowd: users who like large screen, have strong endurance and have no special requirements. Otherwise, at the price of 1699 and 1999 yuan, you can buy millet 8se with better performance, or red rice note5, a cheaper 636 machine.

If you already have a main engine, but want to buy a large screen device, and don't want to spend too much money, then millet tablet 4 will also be a good choice: cheap and more powerful Xiaolong 660 SOC.

According to the whole evaluation content, Xiaomi max 3 has no shortcomings, but it's quite plain. Even when the author started the title of the evaluation article, he couldn't think of any suitable words to describe it.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with it. I feel that the right way to open the millet max 3 is to equip a Xiaolong 710 SOC, raise the price and give it a different location.