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Why do stars bring their ears back at the concert? What is the function of the ear return?

what's wrong with Wang Yuan's ear return at the concert? What's the role of ear return at the concert for the stars? From August 12 to 13, tfboys group's fourth anniversary of "micro blog" active four concert was held in Nanjing Olympic Sports Center for two consecutive times. In this tfboys concert, Wang Yuan's ear return failed when he sang "the thief of time".

On the same day, when Wang Yuan sang "the thief of the years", there was a problem in his ears. The fans screamed and were enthusiastic. However, although Wang Yuan could not hear his voice, he still performed perfectly. After singing, Wang Yuan still joked: 'Ben Wang Yuan is really angry today. What can I do if he is angry? I want to hear your screams. 'the fans shouted at the scene, and Wang Yuan said humorously:' then I'm not so angry. 'netizens can't help commenting after seeing:' it can be said that they are very interactive ',' no voice will affect their performance, but Wang Yuan is so angry. '

What is the function of the concert ear return?

The function of ear return is self correction. In a noisy concert, it's almost impossible for you to hear your own voice and accompaniment in real time. You can only hear the voice from the loudspeaker. But it's too late to hear it. It's probably more than half of the time. So you need to turn your ear back at this time. You can hear your voice at the same time at the beginning of the first tone, and immediately make the pitch and rhythm corrections.

So a lot of times if you see that a singer can play as well as a studio without a return of his ears, then you can either sing skillfully or fake it.