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What about the smell of wall paint? How do you do it?

when buying a new house for decoration, because of the different ways of decoration, the problems encountered are also different. For example, when decorating walls, some of them are decorated with paint. The paint will have a great taste, and the most important thing is that it is harmful to health. What should we do at this time? Come and have a look!

open windows to improve air circulation

When the smell of wall paint is strong, the first thing is to open all the doors and windows of your home to let the room get ventilation; or you can use an electric fan to ventilate, which can promote the emission of the smell of paint.

Place green plants

When the smell of wall paint is strong, you can absorb formaldehyde from many plants at home, such as Chlorophytum, tiger tail orchid, Agave, aloe and other green plants. Chlorophytum is known as green purifier, which can resist harmful gases. Put 1 to 2 pots of Chlorophytum in the room, and the toxic gases in the air can be absorbed.

Release activated carbon

When the smell of wall paint is strong, you can also place activated carbon at home. Activated carbon can also remove the smell of paint, formaldehyde and paint.

Place water and vinegar

When the smell of wall paint is strong, you can also use several basins filled with water or vinegar, because formaldehyde can be dissolved in water, which can also remove part of formaldehyde and paint smell.

Application of bamboo charcoal

Bamboo charcoal also has a strong adsorption effect, which can purify the air and remove the peculiar smell. Therefore, when the paint at home has a strong smell, you can also place some crafts made of bamboo charcoal in the room to remove the smell.

Orange peel, lemon peel, etc

When there is a strong smell of paint at home, you can also put some orange peel, grapefruit peel and other fruit peel at home, which can improve the taste of the room.