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How many mistakes do men make in marriage?

some mistakes that men should not make in marriage

Living apart from his wife for a living. Men make money to support their families, like a mission. The loneliness and bitterness of the two separated places will come out and swallow up the beauty of marriage.

Don't deal with the contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in time. "One mountain is not for two tigers", so is the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

After aesthetic fatigue, betray marriage. A man who betrays his marriage will make a woman feel desperate. At that moment, she can no longer trust her completely.

Throw all the heavy housework to his wife. Women pay because of love. They do housework for men and have children. What they get should be respect and love. Marriage needs men and women to work together. It's more conducive to a stable marriage for men to undertake housework.

Ignore children's education for career. Children are the crystallization of their love. They need to be educated and loved by both husband and wife.

After marriage, they forget to manage marriage. Neglecting the management of the family, the marriage becomes the management of the wife alone.

In case of conflict between husband and wife, they do not take the initiative to communicate. When a quarrel is about to take place, you may as well put yourself in the other party's position and think about why the other party is unhappy, where you are not doing well enough, and actively communicate and take responsibility.