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How to leave a good image for others?

as the saying goes, Buddha depends on gold, and man depends on clothes. So if you dress well, will you make a good impression? I don't think it is necessary to know that the image of a person is a comprehensive and systematic display. Let's come together.

It is said that this is an era of looking at the face.

The first thing that catches our attention is the face opposite us. The standard of beauty and ugliness is that radish and green vegetables are loved by each other. But if it is, inborn heredity we have no advantage, so, we must pay attention to the cleanness of the face, not greasy, dirty, bearded.

Pay attention to personal hygiene.

First of all, start with hair and nails. Wash your hair and trim your nails frequently. Do not greasy dandruff or dirty things in your nails.

It's important that we always smile with kindness, because our character is reflected in our face. Whether other people are willing to approach us or not and think our friends are unfriendly, first of all, they observe us through our facial expressions.

Aesthetic look at clothes, grade level look at shoes.

There is a process of learning and improvement. The key is to do enough, in their own capacity, to do decent and generous. After all, clothes are not expensive.

Pay attention to body maintenance.

To exercise properly, why value those who insist on exercise and fitness, not only on the surface that they are in great shape, but also on the back of a way of life, a manifestation of effort and perseverance.

Learn to control your emotions.

Keep your personality stable, especially your voice. Don't be too impatient or grumpy. To be kind to others, we usually use more polite words such as "please", thank you, etc., which also reflects a person's cultivation and cultivation.