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Why is Zhu Ting's team leader controversial when the list of 14 Chinese women's volleyball players i in the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games, the Chinese women's volleyball team announced a list of 14 players. The main players Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, Yuan Xinyue, Yan Ni, Ding Xia, Lin Li and others were selected unexpectedly. Like the world women's Volleyball League finals, they still sent three players to take over the competition, reflecting the lack of a strong pick-up player in the position of taking over, so they had to take all three players with them. Diao Linyu was chosen as the substitute for the second pass, indicating that her performance was recognized by Lang Ping.

In the last Asian Games, the Chinese delegation didn't win a gold medal in three big balls and six events, which is unprecedented in history. Although the delegation is still at the top of the gold medal table, it's really embarrassing that the three major goals have no gold. It is difficult for the Chinese delegation to win gold medals in the three events of men's football, men's volleyball and women's football in this Asian Games. Because the men's basketball team sent out the red team to fight, it is also difficult for the Chinese delegation to achieve good results because of the lack of Yi Jianlian, Guo Allen and other famous players like the blue team. Chinese women's basketball team also has no advantage. The hope of winning gold in the three major goals lies in the Chinese women's volleyball team.

In this case, the Chinese women's volleyball team sent all the main players to the Asian Games to win the gold medal. The Asian Games is one month away from the world championships. Although participating in the Asian Games may have a certain impact on the preparations for the world championships, it will not have a great impact on the physical fitness and state of the athletes, which is another reason why the Chinese women's volleyball team plays in the Asian Games with the main force.

Zhu Ting is the core player of the Chinese women's volleyball team. Zhang Changning, Yuan Xinyue, Lin Li, Ding Xia and Yan Ni are all the main players who have participated in the Olympic Games. It's natural for her to be selected. In the position of main attack, apart from Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning did not resume training for a long time, and he did not participate in the national team's competition this year. The current state is not known. In this case, Liu Xiaotong is needed to come up. Liu Xiaotong's performance in this year's world women's Volleyball League fluctuates greatly, but after all, he has experience in the competition and is a relatively comprehensive main attacker, so it's reasonable to be selected. Li Yingying, rookie, proved to have a certain attacking power in the final two games of the finals. She is the key training object of the Chinese team. She is expected to get more opportunities in the Asian Games and accumulate experience for the next World Championships.

Only three players are sent out in the position of the secondary attack. Yuan Xinyue and Yan Ni are the main players. Of course, they are selected. Hu Mingyuan is outstanding in this year's World League. She has a fast attack speed and can play a role on the field. Her game temperament is better, and she is the best one among the young players. Her playing method is quite different from other secondary attacks, which can change the rhythm and playing method on the field and play a strange role It is a more suitable substitute. Gao Yi has a good physical condition, but at present, he doesn't show the advantage of height in the blocking link, and the play ups and downs are large, so it's not surprising that he was defeated. Wang Yuanyuan, another young minor, suffered a knee injury before the finals and has returned to Tianjin for treatment, so she was rejected.

Dingxia is still the main second pass. Yao Di and Diao Linyu compete for the second pass. Diao Linyu didn't play her role as a substitute in the finals. However, her performance in Germany in the World League was better and she won the trust of the coach. Before that, she didn't have much time to cooperate with the attacker. After a recent period of running in, this problem is expected to be solved. Yao Di's poor quality of passing position 4 is her hard injury. In addition, the slow pace of passing doesn't meet the general idea of the coach to speed up, which has fallen behind in the competition.

Taking over position is the weakest link of Chinese team. Zeng Chunlei has experience and skills, but is currently plagued by injuries and is not in the best condition. Yang Fangxu has not yet recovered to his best level, and his performance in the World League has fluctuated greatly. Gong Xiangyu has made progress in the first pass and other links, but the attack has not reached the expected effect. It's difficult to choose between the three because of their own problems. It's no surprise that Gong Xiangyu and Zeng Chunlei will take turns to play this position. Yang Fangxu is mainly used for the tactical replacement of two points for three points.

There is no suspense about the candidates for the Freeman. Lin Li and Wang Mengjie are the best freemen in China. They have experience in the competition and are selected successfully.

This list is not the final one. If there are injuries or accidents in the next 20 days, it may change. There is not much suspense about the list of people participating in this year's World Championships. In addition to sending three or two to take over, in the position of the secondary attack, three or four are sent to participate, and other positions are likely to be the personnel of the Asian Games. The world championships and the Asian Games are different. There are only three competitors in the Asian Games, Japan, South Korea and Thailand. There are only two key competitions in the semi-final and the final. There are many strong players in the world championships and the competition schedule is long. If only three deputies are sent to participate, there is a greater risk. After Xu Yunli was injured in the top six of the last World Championships, there were only two assists left in the Chinese team. Fortunately, Yuan Xinyue, then 17, performed surprisingly, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.