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What is "Rainbow fart" the expression bag of rainbow fart has been popular on Weibo recently. Many little friends are using it. What's the stem of rainbow fart expression bag? What's the meaning of rainbow fart in rice circle? The original picture of rainbow fart expression bag looks like this? But it has been 'expression bag'. How does this rainbow effect come out?

What's "Rainbow fart"?

Rainbow fart 'has been on fire recently, of course, because of "zhenhun". I believe many loyal fans know it.

In fact, 'Rainbow fart' is a necessary Internet buzzword for fans in the circle of rice. The main meaning is to flatter your idols in a fancy way. The gesture of flattering idols doesn't take a heavy one, not a single color, and the colorful praise, so it's called 'Rainbow fart'.

The origin of rainbow fart:

Rainbow fart expression bag to understand: in fact, rainbow fart is the language of rice circle, which is used to praise little brother and little sister. It was originally raised by Korean rice circle and gradually introduced into the mainland. ​