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How long will it be hot after the dog days in 2017? When does the dog days end?

Will it cool after the dog days? As the saying goes in 2017, "hot in the dog days", especially in the city, it seems to be in a huge steamer. Now it's at the end of the dog days. It's not as hot as before. How long will it be hot after the dog days?

After falling into the ground, the surface humidity increases, more heat is absorbed every day, less heat is emitted, and the heat of the surface layer accumulates, so it gets hotter day by day, entering into the third volt, the accumulated heat of the ground area reaches the highest peak, and the weather is the hottest.

However, don't worry. It's half a month since the beginning of autumn, especially after this year's summer. So the temperature will definitely drop after this year's three rainy days, and the weather will gradually turn cool.

Is it cool after the dog days? After the dog days, the weather will still be hot, there will be autumn tigers until the end of autumn tigers, that is, during August 14-22, 2017, the weather will gradually turn cool.

Because after the beginning of autumn, there will be a short period of hot weather, known as the autumn tiger. It usually occurs at the turn of August and September and lasts for about 7-15 days. The autumn of 2017 starts on August 7, 2017, the 16th day of the sixth month of the lunar calendar. According to the general situation, the autumn tiger lasts for about 7-15 days. So the autumn tiger 2017 is expected to end between August 14 and 22.

Generally speaking, going out means going out on a rainy day, and the heat gradually fades away; and the solar term of summer heat means the end of summer heat, and the weather should be cooler and cooler. However, in some areas of the south, people who have just experienced a little bit of autumn are often at the end of summer heat, and feel the hot weather again, that is, the legendary autumn tiger.

The reason for the formation of the autumn tiger is that the subtropical high in the Western Pacific Ocean, which controls China, gradually moves southward in autumn, but then moves northward. Under the control of the high, there are clear clouds, strong solar radiation and rising temperature. Because of China's vast territory, the performance of "autumn tiger" is slightly different. For example, the autumn tiger in South China comes later than that in the Yangtze River Basin, generally delaying 2-4 seasons.

In addition, the control time of the autumn tiger varies from half a month to two months every year; sometimes the autumn Tiger comes, goes and looks back. Gu Tieqing, the author of Jialu in the Qing Dynasty, said: 'after the summer heat, the weather is pleasant, and it will be cold for another 18 days. 'it means about 18 days of sweating. But although the temperature of autumn tiger is high, the air is dry and sunny in general. It's not very hot sooner or later, so it won't be too hot to breathe.

When is the end of the dog days in 2017? July 12, 2017 to July 21, 2017 is the first 10 days

The period from July 22, 2017 to August 10, 2017 is 20 days for zhongv

August 11-20, 2017 is the last 10 days

In 2017, it was ambushed on July 12 (summer solstice, sangeng ambush), Zhongfu began on July 22, and ended on August 10. Zhongfu lasted for 20 days, with a total of 40 days in total. It was ambushed on August 21.