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Will massage lose weight rebound? What is the principle of massage lose weight

Massage to lose weight is a popular way to lose weight. Because it is healthy and convenient, it is highly praised by many people. Is massage to lose weight effective? Can massage lose weight really come down? Let's get to know Xiaobian.

Will massage lose weight rebound

Massage weight loss is likely to rebound, first massage weight loss needs long-term adherence to see the effect, second massage weight loss even if the thin down, if not change life and eating habits or easy to rebound back to the original.

In recent years, it has been proved that massage can not only reduce the burden of heart, but also enhance the disease resistance of body. Therefore, massage can not only achieve the purpose of reducing weight, but also enhance the physical fitness. It is a good method for obese people to get rid of their pain and recover their healthy body as soon as possible. Massage to reduce weight is to promote fat, so that it is often in a soft and easy to burn state. For example, if you don't exercise and accumulate fat around your waist, repeated 'massage to activate' will have an incredible effect.

First of all, we need to know that the main reason for obesity is that the storage of fat is larger than the consumption. Secondly, the principle of massage to lose weight is to consume and remove the lipids on the wall of blood vessels through massage, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss. While removing the lipids, it can expand blood vessels and increase blood circulation, which can not only reduce the burden of the heart, but also enhance the body's ability But if you stop after the goal of losing weight, the fat will accumulate again, which is called rebound.

It is not a rare thing to have a rebound after the success of massage to lose weight. We need to know that fat has memory, and it will resist the changes of the outside world. Some people stop immediately after the massage to lose weight reaches the expected effect, so the rebound will naturally appear. Another reason is that life habits, some people don't pay attention to drinking after the success of losing weight Food, then the body will appear in more than out of the situation, then the problem of obesity naturally appeared again.

What is the principle of massage to lose weight

Dredge meridians

Meridians and collaterals are the channels for the movement of Qi and blood in the human body. They belong to the internal organs. The external collaterals and limbs communicate with the external and internal organs, run through the upper and lower parts, and distribute the whole body like a network. The human body relies on them to run Qi and blood, play the role of internal defense and external defense, and keep the balance between the internal organs and the four limbs. The massage technique acts on the body surface meridians to stimulate and adjust the meridians, and affects the functional activities of the viscera, tissues and limbs through meridians, so as to regulate the physiological status of the body, restore the normal physiological function of the body, and achieve the effect of reducing weight.

Balance yin and Yang

Massage can balance the Yin and Yang, regulate the viscera, take different massage parts and massage techniques according to different symptoms, and rebalance the body's Yin and Yang through meridians and Qi and blood, such as using gentle massage, pressing and rubbing spleen Shu, stomach Shu, Zusanli, etc., which can treat the obesity of spleen and stomach dysfunction and phlegm dampness blocking.

Harmonizing Qi and blood

Massage has the function of harmonizing Qi and blood and promoting the movement of Qi and blood. It can adjust and strengthen the function of spleen and stomach through the stimulation of massage technique. Spleen and stomach are the foundation of 'postnatal'. The source of blood biochemistry, the vigorous function of spleen and stomach, is conducive to the generation of Qi and blood; at the same time, massage can strengthen the function of relieving the liver, promote the smooth adjustment of air intake mechanism, and the smooth adjustment of Qi and blood, so that the harmony of Qi and blood is not easy to cause stasis, which is conducive to weight loss.

Promoting blood circulation and removing stasis

The effect of massage on promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis is obvious. When the function of human viscera is out of order, causing blood stasis, water dampness and phlegm turbidity, blocking and causing obesity, massage can dredge meridians and acupoints, regulate and strengthen the function of viscera, dredge and guide stagnation, transform the circulation into the drainage, dampness and phlegm turbidity, and also play the role of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis to help improve obesity symptoms.

How to prevent rebound by massage to lose weight

1. Diet control

Many friends may choose some weight-loss methods to lose weight successfully, and their weight will rise sharply after a period of time, so everyone will think that this is a rebound. In fact, this is not the case. After we lose weight successfully, we must also control our diet, or overeating will cause rebound, which is about the rate of events, so for massage It's the same with weight loss. It's also necessary to control your diet after success.

2. Drink boiled water

In summer, because of the hot weather, people sweat easily, so many friends like to drink boiled water, which is very good, but often in the colder season, people drink boiled water frequency greatly reduced, on the one hand, it is not conducive to our health, on the other hand, it may cause weight loss rebound, for massage weight loss, if the Later, drink less water, then the body 's metabolism will slow down, the effect of rebound will be higher.