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Can I wash the mat

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the mat will come into use soon. But will the mat, which has been put for nearly a year, become a mite? Do you need to clean and kill insects? Of course, the mat is very easy to breed mites, but also need to kill insects. How often do you wash the mat and how to kill mites? Let's learn!

Is it true that the mat is full of mites

Summer used mat is very easy to breed mites, because the summer weather is hot, the human body likes to sweat, so sleeping mat should be cleaned in time to ensure clean.

It's getting hotter and hotter now! Can't bear the heat of you, isn't it long ago to take out the mat, but, before using, you will mat cleaning? Although the mat is good, there are at least tens of thousands of mites on each mat that has not been used for more than three months! Mites are small pests that are not easy to see in the body, and they feed on human sweat, secretion and peeling off dandruff, with extremely fast propagation speed. They are generally found in the home environment.

In addition to the mat, there are a lot of mites in other places on the bed. There are a lot of mites in mattresses, quilts, pillows and other places that touch the human body. Mites like to be dark and humid, and they have a strong reproductive capacity, which leads to skin diseases such as allergy, acne, blackhead, etc. in general, the hospital uses ultraviolet light or disinfectant to kill them. Please keep your home clean and clean and wash more bedding.

How often do you wash the mat

In summer, the mat should be washed once a week or two weeks.

In summer, the human body is easy to sweat, dandruff and dust are easy to enter into the gap of the mat. In addition, the environment is humid, and mites are easy to breed. Therefore, in the process of using the mat, it's better to 'scrub one day and dry one week'. In summer, mosquitoes are active. If you sleep on the mat that is not clean and has mites, you may have erythema or pimples on the part where your body contacts the mat. Therefore, before using the mat for the first time every year, the mat must be cleaned and disinfected, and cleaned regularly during the use.

How to wash the mat

1. Detergent scrubbing

Scrub with detergent, generally used for newly bought mat. For the newly purchased mat, first mix some detergent with warm water and wipe the front carefully with a towel. Then roll it up and wash it with warm water. The hot water nozzle in the toilet can be used for spraying until the flowing water becomes clear. Then air dry and you can use it.

2. Warm water wiping method

First wipe the sweat stains on the bamboo mat with a warm towel several times. Use 3-5% light salt water to rub the front and back sides of the mat several times, which can not only kill some insects and bacteria, but also keep the mat moist and prevent drying. It's best to dry in the dry and hot weather, avoid exposure to the sun, and prevent the bamboo from becoming brittle and easy to break. Before packaging, cotton cloth can be used to dip prickly ash powder or essence of wind oil to wipe the mat lightly. After rolling, the inner layer is wrapped with some newspapers (which can absorb water), and the outer layer is tightly sealed with other films. Do not place under heavy pressure, and keep a certain amount of ventilation, avoid humidity.

3. Hot water immersion

Before washing, it's better to soak in 30 ℃ ~ 40 ℃ warm water for 10 minutes. Do not twist hard when hand washing. After leveling, it will dry naturally in the shade. When the shade is 80%, iron the back in high temperature, which will make the mat more flat and smooth. This convenient method is suitable for every household.

4. Steam method

This method is very effective for insecticidal sterilization. Spread the mat on the clean ground or sofa, first wipe the surface with a wet rag, then use another clean wet rag, put the electric iron on the wet rag, iron the mat, generate steam quickly at high temperature, and kill bacteria, mites, etc.

5. Alcohol wipe

Alcohol can effectively sterilize, and in the hot summer, sleeping on the mat wiped with alcohol can bring a little cool. The specific method is to use warm water to wash or wipe the mat, and then use alcohol to wipe it again. Note that after using alcohol to wipe the mat, you don't need to use water to wash it, just dry it.