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A man who has been arrested for molesting a girl will be sentenced to several years in prison

Recently, the man who molested girls in Nanjing subway station was finally found. It's shameful to do such a thing to a little girl in public!

According to Nanjing railway police, the man involved in indecent girls at Nanjing South Railway Station has been arrested and the relationship with the girl is being verified. The underage female is less than 14 years old, and the man involved is about 20 years old. The police will seriously deal with it according to the circumstances. So according to the relevant laws and regulations of our country, how should the crime of indecency be sentenced?

According to Article 237 of the criminal law:

[crime of forced indecency, insult to women, child molestation] Whoever forcibly molests or insults a woman by violence, coercion or other means shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than five years or criminal detention;

Whoever gathers people together or in public places to commit the crime mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than five years;

Whoever molests a child shall be given a heavier punishment in accordance with the provisions of the two paragraphs.

According to the above provisions, that is to say, the perpetrator will only be sentenced to more than five years' imprisonment if he 'gathers people or acts in public' to molest children.

In addition, as the guardian of the child, the poor supervision of the parents on one side will also be pursued. 'in the case of adopted daughters, the judiciary may consider depriving their adoptive parents of their right to support them. "However, considering the relationship between the suspect and the victim, as well as the harmfulness and concealment of this action, the possibility of public security punishment for the suspect is not excluded," said the lawyer.