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What plants are good and what plants are not suitable for keeping at home

almost every family will keep several pots of green plants to decorate the room, and at the same time, they can purify the air. Although flowers and plants are good-looking, some of them can release harmful smell to human body, so they are not suitable for keeping at home. Which ones are not suitable for keeping at home? Interested friends come and have a look.

Don't keep these plants at home

1. The fragrance of orchid can make people over excited, cause insomnia

2. Pollen from Bauhinia flowers, if exposed to people for a long time, can induce asthma or aggravate cough symptoms

3. Mimosamine in Mimosa is a very toxic organic substance, which can make hair fall off after human body contacts too much

4. The strong fragrance of rose flowers will make some people feel uncomfortable, suffocating and hard to breathe

5. The fragrance of Lily can also make people's central nervous system over excited and cause insomnia

6. When nocturnal plants stop photosynthesis at night, a large amount of exhaust gas will be discharged, which will make the patients with hypertension and heart disease feel depressed; at night, a large number of particles will be emitted to stimulate the smell, which will make the patients with hypertension and heart disease feel dizzy, depressed and uncomfortable, or even worse

7. The fragrant smell of pines and cypresses can stimulate the stomach and intestines of human body, not only affect appetite, but also make pregnant women feel upset, nausea and vomiting, dizziness and dizziness

8. Tulip flowers contain a kind of poisonous alkali, which will accelerate hair shedding if exposed for a long time. For example, there are many conifers in the room, which release thick rosin without smell, affect people's appetite, and make pregnant women feel sick;

9. Geranium can cause allergic reactions in some people, tulip flowers contain alkaloids, which can cause dizziness and swelling of the head and fall off of the human hair;

10. Jade lilac put indoor for a long time, send out peculiar smell, some people can cause asthma;

11. The smell of elderberry also makes people sick and dizzy.

Which plants and flowers are not suitable for home keeping

1. If the fragrance of orchid is smelled too long, it will make people over excited and cause insomnia.

Orchid: epiphytic or terrestrial herb with several or more leaves, usually on the base or lower node of pseudobulb, in two rows, banded or rarely oblanceolate to narrowly elliptic, generally with broad sheath around pseudobulb and joint. Racemes with several or many flowers, color white, pure white, white green, yellow green, light yellow, light yellow brown, yellow, red, green, purple.

The orchids in traditional Chinese flowers only refer to some kinds of terrestrial orchids, such as Chunlan, Huilan, Jianlan, Molan and Hanlan, which are usually referred to as "Chinese Orchids". This kind of orchid is quite different from the tropical orchid with big and colorful flowers. It has no striking and gorgeous state, no huge flowers and leaves, but it has the temperament of simple and quiet, elegant and noble, which is very in line with the aesthetic standards of the Oriental people. It has been cultivated for more than a thousand years in China.

2. Lily long time smell its fragrance, will make people's central nervous system over excited, causing insomnia. Lilium, also known as qiangshu, fanjiu, Shandan, Daoxian, chongmai, atrium, Moro, chongxiang, zhongfenghua, Lilium garlic, shiguru garlic, suaninou, nocturnal flower, etc., is a perennial herb bulbous plant of Lilium in Liliaceae (scientific name: Lilium), native to China, mainly distributed in eastern Asia, Europe, North America and other temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. At least 120 plants have been found in the world Varieties, 55 of which are from China.

3. Flowers and leaves are evergreen. Oxalic acid and asparagin are contained in flowers and leaves. If eaten by mistake, it will cause swelling and pain in the mouth, throat, esophagus and stomach, and even damage the vocal cords, making people dumb. Evergreen flower leaf, also known as daifanye, is an evergreen shrubby herb with a thick and fleshy stem and a plant height of up to 1.5m. The leaves are large and bright, located on the upper part of the stem, oval oval or wide lanceolate, apex acuminate, entire, 20-50cm long and 5-15cm wide; the broad leaves are dark green on both sides, inlaid with dense, irregular white, milky white, light yellow and other color spots, stripes or patches; the leaf sheath has petiole near the middle part. The pedicel is drawn out from the tip of the leaf, shorter than the petiole, the flower is unisexual, and the spathe is elliptical, and the lower part is tubular. There are many horticultural varieties, and different varieties have different patterns on their leaves.

What are the suitable plants

1. The volatile oil produced by African Jasmine has significant bactericidal effect. It can make people relax, sleep well and improve work efficiency.

2. Duck foot wood brings fresh air to smoking families. The leaves can absorb nicotine and other harmful substances from the smoky air and convert them into harmless plants' own substances through photosynthesis. In addition, it can reduce the formaldehyde concentration by about 9 mg per hour.

3. Bamboo is a protective umbrella to eliminate bacteria and viruses. The fragrance of bamboo contains antibacterial ingredients, which can remove bacteria and viruses in the air and has health care functions. Therefore, the smell released by the bamboo has the power of sterilization and beneficial bacteria. In addition, the bamboo has a high medicinal value, and has the effect of relieving cough, moistening lung, cooling blood and detoxification.

4. Fortune tree can resist the waste gas produced by tobacco combustion. Fortune tree is green all the year round. It can absorb toxic gases and release oxygen through photosynthesis. It can absorb carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide pollution effectively and has certain effect on resisting the waste gas produced by tobacco combustion.