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How long is the shelf life of uno Facial Cleanser

Uno facial cleanser is a popular Japanese Shiseido men's facial cleanser, so what is the difference between black and white and blue uno facial cleanser? Let's get to know with Xiaobian!

Uno face wash black white blue difference

Uno facial cleanser is divided into three types: black, white and blue. The main difference between these three types is that the main ingredients and efficacy are different, as follows:

Black: natural carbon oil control cleanser, suitable for oily skin, super clean ability, can effectively remove blackheads

Blue: deep scrub cleanser, containing scrub particles and peppermint ingredients, as well as natural mud cleaning ingredients, effectively sucking out dirt in pores, suitable for summer use

Green: clean and moisturizing cleanser, containing hyaluronic acid moisturizing ingredients, mild texture, suitable for use all year round ~ with sterilization and anti-inflammatory ingredients, balancing oil secretion, preventing acne

White: UNO wunuo white pore cleansing cream contains mild cleansing ingredient "AMT", which can make the sebum and dirt in the deep pores float out of the skin surface, fully clean, with super moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, leave a long-term moisturizing layer on the skin surface after cleansing, moisturize the face after washing, and make the skin clear, full, free of abrasives and citrus fragrance, making it suitable for any skin, especially for any skin Dry skin~

The texture of uno black carbon strong freshness cleanser is very thick paste. Due to the addition of black carbon, the black carbon strong freshness cleanser is not pure white paste, but with a little black carbon color. Squeezing in your hands and adding some water, it is easy to turn on and turn out very rich bubbles, and the bubbles are very dense.

How long is the shelf life of uno Facial Cleanser

The shelf life of unopened products is three years. It is better to use them within half a year after opening.

Men's favorite Shiseido UNO wunuo deep cleansing charcoal cleanser / Cleanser (black) 130g. Shiseido's latest fresh carbon cleanser contains medicinal charcoal particles, which can effectively remove dirt and blackheads in pores. Super clean ability, through the charcoal massage, make the skin full of vitality, refreshing. Give the skin a comfortable feeling. Easy to use. It can absorb excess sebum, prevent blackhead, keep pores unblocked, accelerate blood circulation and completely aim at the characteristics of male skin.