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Can the foundation fluid be carried on the airplane? Can the foundation fluid be checked?

Liquid foundation is a very common make-up product, I believe you are all familiar with it. Can the foundation fluid be carried on the airplane? Let's get to know with Xiaobian!

Can the foundation fluid be carried on the plane?

Yes, but not more than 100ml.

Toner, emulsion, cream, cream, liquid foundation, shower gel, hair conditioner, cleansing oil and so on can only be selected one, not exceeding 100ML., the rest of the consignment.

Each bottle of cosmetics does not exceed 100ml specifications, is less than 100ml (3.4 ounce) of paste or liquid products, gel and spray can be carried on the aircraft, but if 150ml liquid is used for 50ml remaining, it can not be carried on the aircraft. It is necessary to pack the bottle less than or equal to before it can be taken on the plane, and those over 100ml can only be consigned.

However, the standard of liquid foundation will not exceed 100ml, so it is no problem to bring it on board.

Can foundation fluid be checked?

It can be consigned. If it is not more than 100ml, it can be carried on the aircraft. If it is more than 100ml, it can be consigned.

Usually, paste, liquid products, gel and sprays will be required to be checked out during the inspection. Apart from these categories, there are no special requirements for other cosmetics. Paste cosmetics refer to cosmetics with paste texture, such as face cream, hand cream, solid mask, mascara, eye liner, toothpaste and so on. Liquid cosmetics are liquid cosmetics, such as perfume, make-up water, emulsion, nail polish, shampoo, slobber and so on. In addition, hair gel, lip gloss, perfume gel, hairspray and other gel and spray products will also be considered as liquid products for security inspection.

Precautions for wearing cosmetics when flying:

1. No more than 100ml per bottle

You can carry 100ml, which is less than 3.4 ounces of liquid, gel and spray on the plane. However, note that when 150ml of make-up water is used, only 50ml of liquid is left. This kind of water cannot be taken to the plane. The packaging of the bottle body needs to be less than or equal to 100ml, and those over 100ml can only be consigned.

2. What beauty products count as liquid

When you fly, these beauty products are counted as liquid: mascara, hairspray, nail polish, hair gel, lip gloss, shampoo, perfume, gel deodorant, hand cream, toothpaste, hand washing liquid, slobber.

3. All liquids for each passenger need to be put into a 1000ml transparent bag with zipper

All liquid products shall be put into 1000ml transparent bags with pull lock, and each passenger can only carry one transparent bag on the plane. If it exceeds the specified volume and cannot be carried into the aircraft, it is necessary to go through the consignment formalities.

If you're still not sure what skincare products to bring, try not to choose liquid packaging. Cleansing products can give up cleansing milk and choose cleansing cream and cleansing powder, they are not subject to liquid control restrictions; mask to give up the choice of gel texture surface film, as far as possible to reduce the number of liquids.