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What are the common eye fruit in life?

the eye is the window of the mind. As one of the most vulnerable organs of the human body, it should also be cared for. The living standard of modern people has improved, but because of the pressure of work and study, many friends will use their eyes excessively, thus suffering from eye diseases, which brings us a lot of inconvenience. So, what fruit can be eaten in life to prevent and treat eye diseases? Here are some good food for your eyes. I hope you like it!

A mandarin orange

The nutritional value of Kumquat peel is amazing. 80% of vitamin C is stored in the peel, which not only has the function of detoxifying the liver, but also can protect the eyes and immune system. The nutritional value is among the best in citrus fruits. The skin of Kumquat is thick and smooth with many oil spots (i.e. pressing will produce aromatic gas). In addition to fresh eating with skin, it is often used to make preserves, drinks, wine and other leisure food.


Banana can protect eyes, first of all, it is rich in potassium. Secondly, banana contains a lot of beta - carotene. When the human body ingests too much salt, it will lead to a large amount of water in the cells, which can cause eye redness and swelling. The potassium in banana can help the human body to discharge these extra salt, make the body reach the balance of potassium and sodium, and relieve the discomfort of the eyes. Therefore, Meimei should pay attention to eating a banana when using eyes excessively, which can increase nutrition through diet, improve vision, and relieve dry and painful eyes.

Cherry Tomatoes

The fruit of the virgin is a storehouse of vitamins. The content of vitamin A in shengnu fruit is the best in fruits and vegetables. Shengnu fruit is also rich in vitamin C and vitamin P, which can remove free radicals and have strong antioxidant capacity, thus protecting cell DNA and avoiding gene mutation. At the same time, the pectin component of the fruit can increase the elasticity of the skin, so it can be eaten as a snack, which can not only beautify the skin but also protect the eyes.


To maintain eye health, we need to supplement vitamin C more, because it can not only increase the toughness of eye microvascular, repair cells, but also reduce the risk of cataract, delay the occurrence of senile macular diseases and vision stretching.


Apple also has the reputation of "Mingmu fruit", because it contains vitamin A and selenium, which are key to vision. According to Indian scientists, the normal retina contains 7 micrograms of selenium, while the eagle eye contains 100 times as much selenium as the human eye, which indicates that the sensitive vision is related to the selenium content; some people who can't see clearly at dusk are also caused by the reduction of rhodopsin synthesis due to the lack of vitamin A. So often eat some apples, can protect vision.

Sugar cane

Sugarcane contains many nutrients needed by human body, especially its iron content is as high as 1.3mg/100g. It is the champion among all kinds of fruits and has the reputation of "blood nourishing fruit". Raw sugarcane juice can clear away heat, help digestion, dry mouth, nausea and vomiting, dyspepsia, fever and fever. The maintenance of the eyes is essential.


Kiwifruit can provide a lot of vitamin C for people, and is known as the 'King of vitamin C'. According to analysis, every 100 grams of kiwifruit pulp contains at least 200 mg of vitamin C, dozens of times higher than the average fruit. Vitamin C can slow down the stimulation of light and oxygen to eyes, and can delay the occurrence of cataract. People who use computers for a long time, eat more kiwifruit.


Blueberry contains a lot of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other components, which has a better nutritional and health care effect. Its nutritional value is far higher than other fruits, and it has the reputation of "the king of fruits in the world". The international food and Agriculture Organization lists blueberries as one of the five major healthy foods. It can also improve blood circulation around the eyes and maintain normal intraocular pressure. These are the "anthocyanins" contained in blueberries. Eating more blueberries can reduce eye fatigue and improve night vision of computer workers.