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What should I do when I am scolded? How to deal with it?

nine times out of ten, we often see a lot of people yelling at each other in our daily life, and it's still a very fierce way, but is this way of dealing with it right? I want to share my experience with you!

Now when encountering other people's blame, don't rush to refute, think calmly about this problem, listening is a skill, and listening in a violent environment is the real skill.

When the other side's voice volume increases, remember to pay attention to the other side's words and deeds, pay attention to protect yourself, do not treat people in the way of human beings. Will you bite dogs when they bite you? The same thing.

Try to explain, but judge according to the actual situation. If the other party can't listen to it, you can choose to escape temporarily. Don't try hard to be thankless.

When defending, don't just ignore others, criticize the mistakes of the other party. If you want to treat others, you have to first treat yourself, first point out your own problems, and then make excuses.

Wait for the other side to calm down before entering the explanation, people are the most unreasonable in anger, so don't conflict with the other side directly.

If it's too much, call 110 directly to call the police. When it's out of its control and processing range, you need the help of the police.