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What is the game of blue whale death? How to control suicide in blue whale game

The introduction of the blue whale death game into China has caused great panic, so do you know how to play the blue whale death game? In order to make everyone understand the death game more clearly, Xiaobian went to Baidu to summarize it. Don't miss it!

'I want to play a game。 'if you've seen the classic horror movie the saw, you may remember this classic line in the movie. In this bloody, thrilling and frightening game, the protagonists Adam and Laurence Middleton Gordon wake up and find themselves in a dilapidated basement. No one knows why they are bound or what they should do, but the murderer has left the instructions to them.

They will play according to the instruction of "vertical saw". Once they start, they can't stop. If they don't finish the game according to the instruction, they will only face death. If according to the rules of the game, the protagonist must complete the game task by himself, so that there is a trace of vitality.

Once you may be sitting in the cinema, frightened by the bloody plot, or secretly glad that all is in the movie. Recently, however, the strange and abnormal rules of the game in the movie have been put on in real life. In "the soul of the chainsaw", you may have a way to live after finishing the game instructions, but in the blue whale game, there is only one ending, death!

'the best things in life start with s, like semiya (family), Saturday (Saturday), suicide (suicide). '

'when we leave, we will go to a wider place, where we have nothing in the world. '

'how long are we going to go through this dark day?'

Because of curiosity, the second year's Apocalypse joined a QQ group called "wake me up at 4:20" and began to be brainwashed by such ideas every day. Tianqi told the China Youth Daily & middot; Zhongqing online reporter that he first submitted his address, ID card information and family contact information according to the rules for joining the group before he was qualified for the task. The group leader will release new tasks in the group every day. Players must follow the instructions of the group leader to complete all tasks until the 50th day.

At the beginning of these tasks, it sounds strange and treacherous. For example, you have to get up at 4:20 a.m. every day, watch horror movies all day, listen to black music all day, carve a "blue whale" figure on your arm with a knife, and on the 50th day, you will complete the ultimate task of the game - suicide.

In addition to daily task prompts and performance reports, the group will occasionally fight to post funny stories. 'after all, there are young people in it, and the atmosphere is quite active. "Tianqi also completed the task for several days with the prompt, thinking that it was just idle and playing, and didn't expect to be warned or kicked out of the group if it stopped halfway. Tianqi was warned that he would threaten his family because he didn't complete a series of tasks according to the organizer's order. After a few days, he was kicked out of the group by the group leader.

According to Tianqi, some of the players in the group will pretend to complete various tasks. After a few days, they will come back and say that they have become "blue whales", and then they will be expelled from the group by the group leader. 'I began to think that the so-called retaliation based on photos and personal information was just to use young people's vulnerable psychology to put pressure on them. Later I knew that someone had done the last task, and I felt very lucky to be kicked out of the group. "Apocalypse said.

It is understood that the death game known as "blue whale" originated in Russia. Between November 2015 and April 2016, there were 130 suicides among young people in Russia, at least 80 of which were related to the "blue whale" game.

Yulia, a 15-year-old girl from Russia, is on her way to the end of suicide. Yulia's mysterious death triggered a panic on the Internet. She jumped from an apartment building in an industrial park and ended her young life. Before leaving the world, she left the word "end" on her social network and added a picture of the blue whale.

Recently, a netizen in China reported that the cult death game may have infiltrated China, for one of the 50 challenges of "blue whale" is getting up at 4:20 every day. Other careful netizens also found that there are groups similar to '4:20 wake me up' on social networks in China.

Many people will think that it is incomprehensible to conduct self mutilation with the mentality of completing the game. In fact, this is just some intentional people in the society who use people's negative psychology to do malicious harm to the society. In the "blue whale" game, participants are like being pulled into the game by an invisible pair of hands. After seeing the task, my heart may struggle to get rid of this invisible shackle by completing the content of the note. But following the task step by step, the psychological implication of implied suicide is also strengthened.

In response, Tencent and other related network platforms released the notice of "safety alert on the potential risks of 'blue whale' game", reminding young netizens and parents to be vigilant and stay away from the discussion of related network topics. At present, the topic of "blue whale" has been rising and fermenting in many Internet platforms.