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What about the smell in the room? How to clear the room?

the fresh air in the room is the basic guarantee of our healthy life. What should we do when our room has a strange smell? How to eliminate the odor from the root?

It doesn't matter if you have peculiar smell. It's suggested that you don't over believe in modern air conditioning, fresheners, air exchange equipment. The simpler it is, the better it is. It's better to ventilate and bask in the sun. It's the closest to nature and the healthiest.

If the smell is too strong, you can't wait for a minute. In addition to ventilation, you can use dew and freshener to help cover the smell at this time, but only to help Oh, you can't rely on it.

Control the source of kitchen odor, timely clean up rotten vegetables, unfinished meals, often clean and ventilate.

Manage toilets, keep toilets unobstructed, wash clothes in time, and don't leave a life and death corner. Even if the sewer is anti odor, we can use plastic bags to improve the anti odor situation.

Garbage can, which is the most easily ignored place, is the key to habit formation, timely cleaning, smelly, insect waste thrown in advance.

Don't dry clothes indoors. It's not allowed to be too wet. Bacteria will grow in humid environment, which will cause bad smell.