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How to choose moon club? What do you pay attention to?

a child is the hope of a family. As a parent, he wants to give him the best and safest protection. Now more and more new mothers choose to take their children to the moon club when they sit in the moon. So, when they choose the moon club, how should they choose? Next, let's take a look at what Yuezi Club chooses to pay attention to.

1、 Depending on the qualification and scale, the business license of yuezi club and whether the business scope includes maternal and infant care services. Whether the registered capital is abundant or not, the large investment indicates the intention of all the long-term operations of this month, and attaches great importance to the quality.

2、 Look at the environment to see if the neighborhood of yuezi club is quiet, which is good for mom's cultivation. After all, to live in a puerperal period, my favorite environment can make my mother have a good mood. When looking for the moon club, we must carefully check the surrounding environment to ensure that we can live safely and keep a good attitude.

3、 See if the club has experienced obstetricians and pediatricians to make regular rounds to ensure that problems may be found and solved in time. To see if there is a clear division of labor between mother and infant care in the club, and if there is enough manpower and energy to take care of you and your baby.

4、 Look at the cleaning and disinfection. Mothers should pay special attention to whether the cleaning and disinfection are in place. There will be no carpet and other facilities that are easy to cause infection. It is absolutely not allowed to use chlorine containing disinfectant tablets, because chlorine is harmful to infants. For newborn infants, the respiratory system has not developed well, so they are not allowed to contact chlorine at all.

5、 Look at the details to see if the special needs of mothers and babies are taken into consideration in the yuezi club. For example, the nursery is mainly illuminated by non-point light source, supplemented by non stimulating the baby's retina. Such as one-to-one baby monitoring video, so that the mother or the family in the field can see the baby's recent situation through the Internet anytime and anywhere.