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What foods are good for pregnant women?

giving birth to children reflects the glory and greatness of mothers, and with the development of science, women's health has been paid more and more attention. Women's childbirth is a very laborious thing. Many mothers are relatively weak, which is not good for childbirth. And postpartum also want to feed the baby, so supplement rich nutrition food, not only can promote postpartum milk secretion, but also strengthen the body's resistance and immunity, kill two birds with one stone. So, what foods do pregnant women eat to help give birth? Now share with you, hope to help friends!

Lettuce: it contains a variety of nutrients, especially calcium, phosphorus and iron, which can promote bones and strengthen teeth. According to traditional Chinese medicine, lettuce has the functions of clearing away heat, diuresis, promoting blood circulation and promoting milk circulation. It is especially suitable for people with little urine and no milk after childbirth.

Kelp: kelp contains more iodine and iron. Iodine is the main raw material for thyroxine production, and iron is the main raw material for blood cell production. Newborn eat this milk, which is conducive to the growth and development of the body, and prevent the resulting hypochondriasis. Iron is the main raw material for making red blood cells and has the function of preventing anemia.

Lotus root: lotus root contains a lot of starch, vitamins and minerals. It's nutritious, light and refreshing. It's a good vegetable medicine for removing stasis and producing new fruits. The puerpera eat lotus root more, which can clear the blood stasis in the abdomen as early as possible, increase appetite, help digestion, promote milk secretion, and contribute to the feeding of new babies.

Cauliflower: it contains protein and mineral phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and retention compound. It is rich in nutrition and tastes delicious, especially suitable for soup. It is easy to have abdominal pain, poor urination and restless sleep in puerperium. Eating cauliflower more can eliminate the above symptoms.

Soybean sprout: soybean sprout contains a lot of protein, vitamin C, cellulose, etc. protein is the main raw material for growth of tissue cells, which can repair the damaged tissue when the baby is born. Vitamin C can increase the elasticity and toughness of blood vessel wall, prevent bleeding, and cellulose can dredge the intestines and moisten the bowels, so as to prevent the parturient from constipation.