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How do you make life simple?

when I was young, I thought that the more I had, the richer I would be. When I got to a certain level of consciousness, I would realize that it is a real art to keep a simple life.

Look at your desires.

There is too much desire to live a simple life.

The core of a simple life is a peaceful heart with few selfish desires.

You don't need to go to an isolated place, but to cultivate your heart, so that you can hide in the city.

Don't buy non essentials.

Take a moment to see what items are few or never used at home.

The more you have, the more shackles you have.

Start simply by removing unnecessary items from your home.

Don't want to have, but to appreciate.

For example, if you have a pet, it's easy to think that someone else's dog or cat is more lovely and fun, and needs to have it.

In fact, with a heart to appreciate and cherish, you will feel satisfied. Life will return to simplicity.

Make true friends and have effective interpersonal communication.

It is better to have a few true friends than to have many friends who are held together because of interests.

Real friends, understanding, supporting and encouraging each other, will make life meaningful and rich.

It doesn't need too many goals, just one or two.

Time and energy are limited. It's hard to be outstanding in pursuit of too many things.

So it's important to identify one or two really important things early, and then focus your time and energy on them and say goodbye to other secondary things.