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How to prevent babies from getting prickly heat

Although summer is a beautiful season, but there are many beautiful places in summer, such as being bitten by mosquitoes and growing prickly heat, what should I do if I grow prickly heat? What medicine should I use to treat prickly heat? Can I rub prickly heat with alcohol? Let's have a look.

Can prickly heat be wiped with alcohol

Not recommended

Prickly heat with alcohol will be very painful, alcohol can not cure prickly heat, you can use tap water to wash or wipe Buddha. If the head can't be wiped with alcohol, if there is damage, you can put in the dew when washing your hair, which can be relieved, or you can wipe with the white flesh of watermelon. Prickly heat, also known as hot prickly heat, red millet rash, prickly heat is the most common acute skin inflammation in summer. Prickly heat is caused by the obstruction of sweat holes, mostly in the neck, chest, back, elbow, popliteal and other parts, children can occur in the head, forehead and other places. At the beginning, the skin turns red, and then there are red papules or papules of the size of needles, which are dense in pieces, some of which are purulent. After giving birth to prickly heat, it is itchy and painful, and sometimes there is a hot burning pain.

The formation of prickly heat is caused by excessive sweating and poor evaporation of sweat in summer under the high temperature and sultry environment, which results in blockage of sweat pipe, rupture of sweat pipe and infiltration of sweat into surrounding tissues. The main manifestations were small papules and vesicles. It often occurs in summer, especially in children with poor sweat regulation and long-term bedridden patients. Excessive scratching due to pruritus can lead to secondary infection, folliculitis, boils or abscesses. At the same time, some doctors think that the obstruction of sweat pores is a kind of primary staphylococcal infection of sweat pores, which is related to the humid and hot environment.

What is the medicine for prickly heat

1. Ten drops of water. When bathing a child, add 20-30 ml of ten drops of water into the warm water, but do not use soap, bath gel, etc. only use clear water for bathing, so as to maintain the efficacy of ten drops of water. It is one of the most simple and effective ways to prevent and treat prickly heat. In addition, ten drops of water and warm water can be diluted by 1:10 and then applied to the affected area with cotton stick. Apply 2-3 times a day, and prevent children from scratching the affected area with their hands.

2. Mint. Menthol contains essential oil, the main components of which are menthol, menthol and menthol acetate, etc., which play a certain role in the prevention and treatment of prickly heat. Use 150 grams of fresh mint leaves and fry water to bathe the baby.

How to prevent baby from prickly heat

1. Attention should be paid to the ventilation of the environment to avoid overheating. When the temperature is too high (above 30 ℃), the air conditioner can be properly used to reduce the indoor temperature or the electric fan can be used to maintain the air circulation.

2. Pay attention to skin cleaning and hygiene. When you see your baby sweating, you should dry your sweat in time, change clothes frequently, and keep your skin clean and dry. If the baby sweats a lot and doesn't dry it in time, it will block the sweat pores and cause prickly heat.

3. Frequently bathe the baby. When bathing, you can properly add ten drops of water and dew, which has the effect of preventing heat.

4. Don't wear too much, avoid a lot of perspiration, wear loose, breathable, hygroscopic cotton clothes, such as vest, sleeveless clothes are more suitable for baby.

5. In the hot summer, don't hold the baby all the time. Try to let the baby play on the mat alone, so as not to be in the arms of adults for a long time, with poor heat dissipation and rash.

6. Keep your baby happy and don't make him cry.

7. Drink more water, especially cold boiled water, often mung bean soup and other cool drinks, usually eat light and digestible food, less greasy and stimulating food.