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Remington hair remover how to distinguish the true from the false

depilation is an important beauty project in summer. Depilation instrument is a good choice. Remington hair remover is a famous hair remover. How to distinguish the true from the false? Come and have a look with Xiaobian.

Is there a fake Remington hair remover

There are fakes in Remington hair remover. Fairies must keep an eye on Remington hair remover when they are shopping for it. It's better to buy what you can buy in person. If it's not convenient to buy it in person, it's better to let friends who go to or in the United States bring it back. If there is no way, go to some reliable shopping websites (for example, Amazon's official self support), so as to avoid buying fake Remington hair remover to the greatest extent.

How to distinguish the true from the false

1. Look at the identification of packaging fluorescent agent

It is necessary to see whether there is fluorescent agent in the package to distinguish the real and fake Remington hair remover, because there is no fluorescent agent in the package of the genuine Remington hair remover, and the fluorescent agent generally only exists in the packaging layer of the fake Remington hair remover. The method to identify whether there is fluorescent agent mainly depends on the special fluorescent lamp. The package of Remington depilator can be seen whether there is fluorescent agent in the dark room.

2. Distinguish from the reaction after depilation

Miss sisters can also distinguish the true and false of the Remington hair remover by the reaction of the skin after hair removal. The genuine Remington hair remover will not feel pain when it is hit on the body, while the fake Remington hair remover will feel particularly painful when it is hit on the body. In addition, after the fake Remington hair remover is finished, it can cause skin burns, sunburn and other skin side effects.

3. Distinguish from flash speed

From the flash speed of Remington depilator, we can also tell whether it is true or not. The light frequency of Remington depilator is 3S for the body head, 4S for the face head and 2S for the bikini. But the light frequency of the fake Remington depilator is slower or faster.

The introduction of Remington hair remover

Safety: the Remington depilator has passed the approval of the FDA of the United States. Each model has different gear intensity adjustment. It uses strong pulse light to destroy the hair growth environment to remove hair, not irritate the skin, not hurt sweat glands. The discharge lamp head can be replaced. Therefore, the safety of Remington hair remover is still worthy of affirmation.

Instrument performance: Remington hair remover has skin color detector and skin contact sensor. Before use, it can test whether the skin and skin color are suitable for laser hair removal.

Effective time of depilation: according to the official website, hair can be reduced by 66% after 12 months.

Suitable for people: suitable for normal skin color, but people with darker skin color should not use this one.

Principle of depilation: Remington depilation instrument is based on the principle of strong pulse light. There are several models of Remington depilation instrument, and the technical parameters of the new one are much higher than the old one.

Model difference: ipl6250 only has body lampshade;

Ipl6500: body 3cm + face 2cm;

Ipl6750: body 3cm + face 2cm + bikini 2cm.

Light frequency: body 3S, face 4S, bikini 2S. None of them slide out of the light.